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December 08, 2005


When this blog thinks of traditional Christmas meals, this blog thinks of baby eels.

TRUE ANECDOTE: This blog's friend and colleague, Mr. Gene Weingarten, who will eat anything, including, one time, dog, informs this blog that years ago he ordered baby eels at a Miami restaurant. Gene recalls: "You can see their eyes. They have little dot eyes. The waiter told me that the last time he had served it, a woman had to run to the bathroom to puke."


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Dog warms you up on a cold day. I got food poisoning from eel...

Gotta love life overseas.

Awwww! The puppy's so cute!

Eels? Eww.

She actually had time to run for the bathroom? I'd have puked right there.

Is that a baking puppy, or a fryer?

baby eels,virgin olive oil, a clove of garlic and a piece of chilli pepper...

Don't they do the same thing with snails? Cover it with enough salt, garlic and other flavors and you don't have to taste the eel or snail.

Which begs the question: Why not just skip the eel and eat the garlic and salt directly? It's gotta be cheaper.

A hypochondriac who'll eat anything? This Gene Weingarten sounds like a complex man.

I'm with Kilmeny on this one. Eeeeww.

Ahhh. Angulas I think they are called. When I was a starving student in Madrid, a wealthy professor took a group of students out for a wonderful meal in a 5-star Italian Restaurant. He ordered for us all, but what we were told was *similar* to spaghetti with pepper (the little black eyes) were actually baby eels sauteed in butter and garlic. I have not eaten them since, but they were delicious. Not so sure how I would feel if I had known what I was eating at the time, or if we were at a lesser restaurant.



So, are the "noodles" in the bowl the eels? That looks like a lot of eel.

It goes without saying that I'd eat it. Food is food.

Roger Welsch (you might remember him from the "Postcard from Nebraska" segments on CBS Sunday Morning told me about a dinner he held at him home for some Hunkpapa tribal elders after they had made him a member of the tribe.

At the end of the meal his wife, Linda, pushed back from the table and said, "Where I come from, she who cooks does not do the dishes."

Roger likewise pushed back and said "Where I come from we set the dishes on the floor and let the dogs clean them."

One of the tribal elders came right back with "Where I come from we didn't have any dishes and we ate the dogs."

pogo - but first, a little roo roo!

I ate a grown-up eel once, or made an attempt to. I was in Germany at a small inn on the Mosel river and ordered the house specialty because I couldn't translate the menu. Almost completely inedible...

Labspeciman: No noodles, all eels...and they really do look like spaghetti...and very expensive, considered a delicacy. I bet you would like them...and remember, I ate them before Sushi was on every corner.



There is NO WAY I'd eat the eels.

However, I have become mildly addicted to the Eel Flavor Spray (from the same folks on the Dave Barry Gift Guide).

It's especially good on slugs.

Curry. Everything's better with curry.
That is, by the way, also the very best way to eat goat...gazelle...goat...

I once went to a sushi bar with a Japanese coworker in S.F. We had one dish with little eels arranged with their heads up, looking in all directions with those tiny eyes. Our reaction was more to laugh than anything else. She was probably as Americanized as me, so it was wierd for both of us, but we ate it with no problem. So far...

I think I prefer eels over the scrapple.

Make that "instead of" the scrapple.

BrainyJ, given that choice i'd have ta go with taco bell.

From the TMI desk:

American eels are on their way to being listed as an endangered species in the USA and receiving a comparable listing in Canada, because of a tremendous decline in their population. The European eel population is seeing a similar decline. There are a number of reasons for this, one of them being migration blockage by hydro dams which interferes with their unique life cycle. This explains why they are becoming so expensive. (Nothing explains why anyone would eat them.)

I work in the hydropower industry, currently on a project to install - yes - an eel ladder at a major dam. And, no, they are not electric eels.

Told you it was TMI....

bleah. where's that guy with the barf bag collection? besides,

The adorable puppy looks like mine did last Christmas. She's 91 pounds of energetic puppy this year.

Unagi (cooked eel sushi) is delicious! Eel sauce on Moon River rolls is, too.

But, please, I don't eat eyes.

I went to lunch with a boss looooong ago, and he ordered the baby eels and FORCED me to try them. Maybe it was at the same restaurant as Gene. Anyway, they weren't bad, necessarily, but I wouldn't ever order them myself.

Also, they were served with a wooden fork thingy. I have no idea why.

Brainy, why do eels need ladders? I didn't think they had feet.

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