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December 29, 2005


Those shows could be vastly improved with one minor addition.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)

(Also Bismuth, like months ago)


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Ahhhh... nothing quite like the Japanese game show. But yes, this would make those blatherfests much more enjoyable to watch.

Sorry, small typo. When I said, 'enjoyable to watch' I actually meant 'watchable'.

Oh, I'd just love to see that done with Oprah, Barbara Walters, Geraldo, and the like poking their heads up through those holes like so many meerkats. "The studio is in a panic!!" Just imagine the Neilsens on *that* show.

Consarn you Claire Martin!!!!

(I totally sent this in, like, months ago)

I love the Barbara Walters and Geraldo idea, Mellie, except that Babs would just try to get the lizard to cry on camera and the cold-blooded critter probably wouldn't attack Rivera out of professional courtesy.

Hey! Don't forget the football "panel discussions". This could add so much.

My word, yes. Let's not forget "the View".

They're shrieking like little girls!

--Ms. Obvious

Helen...Meerkats! Excellent!

(Ideally it would be like playing Whack-a-Mole with the Capital Gang.)

Ok, there is no freakin' way I'd put my head in there. Uh uh. Nope.

So, is this some type of new Japanese porn.....involving pork chops and big lizards??

Count me out! (But I do like me a good pork chop now and then)

somebody help me out here. i can never remember, are the "pundits a punditting" before "swans a swimming" or after "lords a leaping?"

*snork* at Rick!

Whoa! I've never seen that work before! Thanks Dave!

OK, so what if instead of The Donald telling people "You're fired," they did this, except the person who is getting the boot has his/her pork chop injected with lizard sex hormones, and oh yeah, they're restrained so that they can't get out when the lizard comes and starts mating with their face.

That might almost get me to watch it.

That poor lizard. His little round flat ear-parts are probably still ringing.

Got any more info on the aged penis? Shrinkage sequel?


Good pork with a big lizard is not necessarily a bad thing.

"Memoirs of a Geisha II"

"If you can keep your head when you have a pork chop glued to your head and a monitor lizard is after you and Kikkoman is nowhere in sight, then you'll be capable of anything, my daughter, including probably going after your parents with a big sharp samurai sword when they least expect it..."

insom' ... as in:

Elizabeth Borden-san took an axe
And gave her Mother-san forty whacks
And when the job was nicely done,
She gave her Father-san forty-one ...


a haiku:

the monitor stalks
it's prey a silly meat hat
the debutante screams


komodo dragon
mates with the pundit's forehead
hurray for sweeps week

on more:

nothing is finer
than a reptile defiling
Barbara Walters

Steven Colbert was using this video a couple of months ago.

Got anything a little more, I don't know, current?

gdogg, you seem a bit cranky lately. perhaps you should take a nap or something?

Bravo Mud, as always.

Mud - I wish you hadn't done that last one. Now my brain is playing these terrible variations of

Nothing could be finer
Than a reptile porkchop diner
(you can guess the rest)

Oh c'mon judi - for the amount of money you people charge for a subscription to this blog, I think GDogg and the rest of us are entitled to expect current, up-to-date blogging that is guarenteed to be humorous while at the same time inciteful, thought-provoking, and free of typos...

oh, wait a minute - Dave's blog is FREE

never mind

Ya want somethin' current?

We could put an extension cord on the komodo dragon ... just sayin' ...

Judi, TCK, U.O..I'm with you. (electric Komodo Dragon w, of course, bagnfarb)

where do i sign my kids up?

Oh, God bless the Japanese and their gameshows. That was the funniest thing I've seen in ages.

Also, I'm really cracking up imagining the old-school McLaughlin Group in this situation.

Wait...Dave's blog is free???

I wonder how well a komodo dragon's guts could counduct electricity...

They're planning on doing a German version of this show called "The Monitor's on the Fritz Again."

I love Morning Musume - for those who don't know, they're a musical group. TV shows like to torture Japanese artists by doing weird things like this. You should see the video where the Morning Musume girls were forced to watch the movie Ringu (if you want to see them *really* scared)...



I'm still chuckling ... WTG!

M"DMD"W, I have to agree with U.O. That was some gold-medal punning.

God! I miss Japanese TV this is only one of the shows thati loved extreme games being another

This is very GOOD idea IMHO :)

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