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December 29, 2005


Here's what women want on New Year's Eve. As opposed to what men want.


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I dont know what I would blast with the blaster but dang if I wouldnt try to find something.

The big blaster looks more interesting to me. The glasses don't even have any beer in them.

Me too, southerngirl!

Dave, some women like to play with cool toys that blow up stuff or make a lot of noise or whatever! Please don't send us into the kitchen to fill the glasses, or make dessert! :)

I'm getting married in october of '06, and that confetti cannon is now the only thing I want for the event. I just sent my fiance the link to the confetti caonnon. Now I await her wrath.

Southerngirl- where the hell are the rest of the women like you lol.

I like both.

I prefer the blaster as well, but I have to say that looking at it all I can think of is 'who is going to clean that mess afterwards?' I mean, can you imagine if someone set it off indoors?

Not "men," Dave..."guys"!!!! I'm can't remember your list of men vs. guys, but I'm pretty sure this would be a good secreening test.

This woman says "send in the blaster." I can drink the champagne out of the bottle.

KOW just make it a rule that whoever sets it off has to clean up the mess!! You know the guys wont be able to resist using it!

can't we have BOTH?!

I don't know why we couldn't combine both. Just load the confetti cannon with champagne, then see who can fill the glasses first by blasting it from a range of 65-75 feet. The women can even hold the glasses. See, it's all about compromise.

Rustafur - we're all here on the blog!

Atticusser - not funny. C'mon El, gals, what shall we blast him with? ;)

atticusser probably wants us holding the glasses in white t-shirts.

i'm in!!!

I am defiantly with the blaster and champagne group! That thing would be so much more fun after a few drinks. I can't clean up the mess if I'm passed out in the middle of it anyways (the blaster mess... not any other ones...)

Eleanor - exactly what kind of "cool toys" are we talkin' about here?

What's all this about frosted stemps? (Yes it would).

I thought this was a family blog?

Oh, and can we shoot the "crystal chanpagne flutes" out of the "big blaster"? Satisfactory to both genders that way...

Hey, TCK is back. *waves hello*

El, are you going to tell him about the "cool toys", or keep him guessing?

Wellp Ip toop wasp wonderin'p aboutp thep "stemp" thingyp, andp whatp partp ofp thep champagnep glassp itp wasp foundp uponp ...

BTW: "Champagne Flutes" would not bagnfarb

Ha that blaster is so puny! Who wants to shoot confetti? You should buy this thing for New Years

Ha that blaster is so puny! Who wants to shoot confetti? You should buy this thing for New Years

Oops it postedd twice. Ah well you can buy two of them then.

Atticusser - southerngirl is right. That was not funny, and I hardly think you would want a gang of angry women blasting you with this!

crossgirl, would the white t-shirts be wet? If so, I'm in! :)

TCK will have to guess. He's late to the party - hmmmph!

bloggirls wearin' white, champagne-soaked t-shirts? - I think I can sell tickets to that...

Heck, TCK ... I know I could sell tix to that ...

Well. The champagne flutes can only hold so much, and being 16 I've never had champagne but I think it's a safe bet that I'd want to drink more than that. They will break eventually, and perhaps you could put the broken glass in the confetti blaster for extra fun, but it will leave a dangerous and sticky mess.

The confetti cannon thing doesn't look so delicate. Boy, think of the amount of champagne that's equal to 40 pounds of confetti! That much confetti will make the biggest mess you've ever seen but you could probably clean it up with a vacuum cleaner or a leaf blower or Paris Hilton's cranium. You could even stick 40 pounds of paper-eating bugs in the blaster and they'd clean it up fine. Think of the fun it would be throwing 40 pounds of bugs 65 feet into the air.

Obviously, any girl who wouldn't enjoy that would be the type to want dinky little champagne flutes. Poof, there goes your argument.

El ~ that is WAY COOL! I want to play!

OK U.O. - we got crossgirl, El & southerngirl signed up - start printin' the tickets

also, think we can sell the video on late-nite TV?

Bloggirls Gone Wild

If I was the sort of woman built for wearing champagne soaked white t-shirts, it would be one thing, but I'm more than happy to help load the blaster.

Definitely more fun than some frilly glass I can get at Wal-Mart for a buck or two.

I'm thinking that putting confetti in the wine glasses and filling the confetti cannon with the wine would be a funny prank.

El - Hmmmmmm, a gang of angry women blasting me you say? I guess that depends. Would they be wearing the champagne soaked white t-shirts? 'Cause, I mean, I definitely wouldn't be interested in that.

Uh, if there are going to be women in cold, wet, sticky, chanmpagne soaked, white t-shirts, you can forget the blaster!

* has attack of the vapours *

this is sounding like way more fun than the party i'm actually going to. sigh.

*adds confetti blaster to wedding planner*

TCK ...

I bet if we'd hold the event @ Mike & Mad's wedding, we could sell even more tix ... and the video rights, well ... that's a gimme ... yup, sounds like a heckuva deal to me ... now, if we can get just a coupla more gals, we'll be all set ...

(Obscure Stan Freberg reference hidden there ... NEone get it?)

*zips in with party supplies* Champagne: check

white t-shirts: check
confetti: check

and most important of all:

the hose guy!

looks good El - except - aren't the words on the t-shirt gonna be in the way?

oh yeah, and just for you El - here's a better hose guy

(wet t-shirt events are better when the girls are feelin' motivated)

Blog girls running wild
If you don't play along with their games
Blog girls running wild
And you better get out of their way
BLOG GIRLS running wild!

... um ... 40 pounds of confetti ... using the McKenzie Brothers' converstion system to metric ... um ... 40 x 2 ... um ... 80 ... add 30 ... that'd be ...

110 Kilolitres of Confetti!


How much would wet T-shirts be in metric?

Wow, TCK, that sure as hell motivates me!

Yeah, TCK, I suppose your hose guy *snork* is a better choice.

*fans self*

The writing on the t-shirt just keeps a little of the mystery...

OK - I suppose I can appreciate a little mystery...

although, on second thought - I thought that's what the t-shirts were for?

yeah right, TCK - like when they're wet there's still some mystery? Who are you trying to kid??? Do you think we blog women just fell off the turnip truck into a puddle while wearing a white t-shirt - huh? huh? huh?

Whirr kin I git me one a them there turnip trucks?

I was going to say that men want sex. Isn't that the only thing men want (besides meals and bathroom breaks, and occasionally power)?

The women like southerngirl get married by lucky guys like me.


Dear Mrs. orangemike: Your husband is a Keeper!

So, do ya want to hang out sometime? Mr. Southerngirl and orangemike can hang out, talking about "guy stuff", (and about how COOL we are,)while we drink beer.

Whaddya say?

Men and women .. That difficult issue ..
The men and women are different but we complement each other perfectly...
Thanks a lot

Send them to the kitchen!

Some things never change! This still applies now in 2011 :)

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