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December 30, 2005


They are tough. Very tough. But they can also be mean.


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"The letters 'f u NZ' were predominant amongst the paint damage."

I think the police should look for suspects at the local colleges. Obviously, the vandal is a man of letters.

"Experimental Worms" wbagnfarb

"Experimental Worms Survived Reentry Break-Up and Crash of Space Shuttle Columbia..."

Well, it's not like they are going to break any bones, no spleen to rupture... Hold on! It just occurred to me, maybe they survived because they planned the whole thing and arranged that container they were in SPECIFICALLY to survive the alleged "accident"! In fact, I'm beginning to suspect they weren't really caenorhabditis elegans, but cleverly disguised aliens from a galaxy far far away.

Further proof of the alien presence is that their New Zealand cave outpost (probably a space shuttle tracking station) had "extensive security arrangements"! How many worms do YOU know with a secure cave!??!

It's obvious now! The shuttle crash was part of the GREAT ALIEN WORM CONSPIRACY!!

BEWARE! YOU may be their next target!! Who knows what evil lurks in the minds (?) of worms?

Go Earthworm Jim!

Are there Navy worms too?

Is it perhaps too obvious to suggest that they place shuttle astronauts in the specially designed cannisters? Just seems to offer more protection than their comfy seats.

i'm so relieved that "tough" wasn't referring to their texture in this articles.

Various thots upon reading links and posts:

I thot Caenorhabditis elegans looked kinda like a young frog ... a tadpole, if you will ... but in reality, I realized nematodes.

Key quote from the "mean" link: But these efforts are being frustrated by the inadequate number of sprayers the RDP has as the area affected is vast and fragmented,” said Phiri.

Mebbe if the areas were only half-vast?

MKJ - Yes, but if you wanna see some really tuff worms, take a look at the Seal Worms ... or the Marine Worms ...

"Security is something that the company (Tourism Holdings Ltd) and caves management committee will be looking at," he said.

And it only took 2 (two!) incidents in a fortnight for "Smart Guy" to come up with this idea...WOW!

"exiting the spacecraft at a height of 32-42 kilometers above the Earth's surface and traveling at velocities ranging from 660-1,050 km/hour.

"This is a very exciting"

I would say that this is a VAST understatement. Sort of reminds me of the end of the movie Dr Strangelove.

Oh, and Army Worms TWBAGNFARB.

I imagine them in tiny armless little OD green and sand colored fatigues with a tiny little boot at one end with a voice like R. Lee Ermey.



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