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December 23, 2005


No doubt you will accomplish a lot.

(Thanks to Bryce Donovan)


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Boy, do I suck at this.

easy peasy lemon squeezy

yeah....that'll be greeeeaaat.


Stupid spammers. Did I mention they're stupid?

Gee, I can put all my info on them? How cool! Can I even put, like, my credit card numbers and PINs and stuff like that? Wow!!! Sign me up!!

I say we spam her ourselves since she left her email addy, but knowing that kind of scum, they'll just sell all the addresses they receive.

So why don't we re-enact the crucifixion for the holidays? I've got some nails.....

Is it just me, or has the spamming gotten worse since the latest blog upgrade? Clearly, dirty work is afoot.

For some reason rings around Uranus reminds me of "moon" over Miami. Hmmmm...wonder why?

Yes, I think the spamming is worse and what I don't understand is how it gets through the "robot" thing, which I have to do EVERY FREAKIN' TIME I post....


Eleanor - I have never encountered the "robot thing", and I feel left out. Maybe my heart is too pure (or yours isn't).

I thought there were always Klingons around Uranus...

That's Spacey, Kevin.

Could I print different CONCLUSIONS on it so that I could JUMP to them?

PirateBoy is a Wiseguy.

and I feel REAL left out (or real pure of heart....) I never get the robot thingy and I can't see the spam thingy either. but in good news, the fraud dept called me today because someone went on a christmas spree using my gov't issued credit card. I thought the fraud dept was the bad guys and hung up on them when they asked me "personal identifying questions". lucky for me, I called the number on the back of my card and found out a poorly trained new employee was legitimate, but motel 8 and the leather shop charges today were NOT! so merry christmas, and watch your card numbers.

Yeah, I got a (fake, apparently) message a few days ago from paypal saying something about a security update ... before I clicked anything, I realized that there were some suspicious questions, so I din't send anything ... the next day, I got another (fake, apparently) message from paypal security saying that some addy had been added to my account, and to click if that was not true ... I clicked, and nothing happened, so I went to the (real, apparently) paypal security site, and told them about it ... they answered with a (real, apparently) note that said (basically, apparently) TYV M ... and, we'll be checking into it ...

So ... watch your back, and watch your numbers ...

UH OH. u.o. - if you clicked that link even if you think "nothing happened", you MIGHT have downloaded a virus/trojan/baddy of some sort. free advice: please make sure your anti-virus is up to date and run a full scan. then download several anti-spyware programs and run each one. use google to check and see that they are "safe" programs first. (I use e-trust pest patrol free for govt employees plus counter spy but I will not endorse any thing.) happy christmas. sorry for not posting something funny, but if the bad guys get foiled, that's funny enough for me. oh look, something shiny.....

Yeah 'red ... I gnu that ... but, in a momentary lapse, I opened the wrong thingy, 'cuz it looked sorta legitimate ... (oddly enuf, the SECOND one, saying that I'd added this fake name had paypal misspelled, as oaypal ... and when I saw that, I new there was something fishy, and it wasn't a taco ...

I discovered this p.e. yesterday and killed about an hour of time I really should have spent preparing for Christmas (not that I'm procrastinating this very minute or anything).

I quit while ahead, having collected one stapler.

I was just going to say thanks to melissa for the tip on those cards they have been great. I made myine and loved them. They only took 3 days to get to my house to. Well thanks Rachel jeffries

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