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December 29, 2005


You're talkin' about Whiplash the Heavily Sponsored Cowboy Monkey.

(Thanks to Joe Pacold)


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Awright - speaking as a stock dog handler, we got us a case of a monkey getting all the glory while the dog does all the work. All the damned monkey's gotta do is hold on while the dog not only hauls his carcass around but also has to manage the stock.

Hmmm, that sounds a lot like my day job, only I ain't the monkey, if ya know what I mean.

Yippee tai yah ye,
git along, little doggie . . .

And, Podnuhs, I got me a first here.

If the dog manages to buck Whiplash off, Whiplash's last sponsor will be Alpo...

So this is what happens to Paris Hilton's cast-off pets.

"Whiplash" is a good name for this monkey. I've seen him inaction. The dog, a very smart Border Collie, seems to forget Whiplash is on his back and goes through areas (like under the trailer tongue and through a small hole in the fence) where this monkey, remaining upright, just wouldn't fit. Yes, "Whiplash" is a good name for this monkey, as well as being a good description of the punishment I should receive if I ever go to another one of his performances.

Stu - Border collies aer smart enough to have a cruel sense of humor. Mine "has" cats who look to him for protection, warmth to sleep with, and they clearly like each other. But sometimes he herds them into a full bathtub.

"Whiplash the Heavily Sponsored Cowboy Monkey"

The name alone is fully snork-worthy.

Whiplash, eh?

Any relation to Snidely?

pogo, I did say "...seems to forget...". It always looked to me as though the Border Collie just didn't give a damn if Whiplash dashed his brains out while the pursuit was in progress.

Stu - that's pretty much how it works. The dogs are instinctively driven to gather and fetch herd animals. If that means running under trailers or over the backs of the stock they are working, that's what they do, and frnakly my dear, they don't care whether there is a "monkey on their back".

that monkey's got more sponsors than an alcoholic NASCAR driver!

I love this article on the monkey:

Key excerpt:
"And I said to myself, that's what I want to do. I want to put an act together that people will always remember," Lepard said.

That's exactly what he did. Once you see a tiny screaming monkey tearing around a rodeo arena on the back of a panting collie, it's impossible to forget.

Didn't someone once tell a story, on this blog, of a dog, and some cats, and a bathtub, and fear of underwater (named) thingies getting injured? Or something along those lines?

Or maybe it's just me disremembering.

Did it involve a squid?

We live in Taco John country, Whiplash does the commercials for them. Stupid commercials.

good name for a alt. country band, especially if whiplash is a verb

"Border collies aer smart enough to have a cruel sense of humor. Mine "has" cats who look to him for protection, warmth to sleep with, and they clearly like each other. But sometimes he herds them into a full bathtub."

So it really is possible to herd cats? I'd always heard that expression used as a metaphor for futility.

Isn't that Marcell, Ross's long-lost monkey on Friends?

so that's where the Angels Rally Monkey went (he also played Marcel on Friends). Arrogant little simian - I hope that dog knows how to roll over and play dead!
Border collies are intense, awesome dogs. This one looks a bit embarrassed, though, and I can't blame her a bit. We've got a Labrador/Border cross that is the best, smartest dog I've ever seen anywhere. We took to spelling things so she wouldn't know what we're talking about, but she's picking up on that, too. She would love to herd cats into a tub - she's probably turn the water on by herself!

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