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December 29, 2005


This blog gets so mad it could just spit.

(Note: This is an older item, but this blog just found out about it. This blog apologizes if this item has already been used by Stephen Colbert.)

Credit: This story was broken by the perky WARN Team.


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What is that, like an iPod or something?

Anything that catches the attention of both Dave Barry AND Stephen Colbert is cultured enough for me.

To my knowledge, Stephen Colbert has not referenced this item.

See, thanks to me, this blog's standards are going up already.

(Note: This is an older item, but this blog just found out about it. This blog apologizes if this item has already been used by Stephen Colbert.)


The perky WARN team isn't among the 'perkier' I've seen. Apparently Oklahoma doesn't provide the same prescription drug benefits found in larger demographics.

Being from a part of the country with a significantly higher percentage of accordion players (I even know a man who makes them), this doesn't strike me as the least bit odd.

How wierd/weird (sorry neither way looks right)does that make me?

Bill's Tire Shop answers the query
"Can one be less cool than Drew Carey?"
For a store in parts Tulsan
With polka tunes pulsin'
Is more than a little bit scary!

Noob...Then you're the authority I can turn to with my question. It says, "He's got two of them at the shop so he can play when he feels like it."

Would one be insufficient, or do some people play two at once?

(Notice I did not say, "Wouldn't one be enough?" I've provided enough set-up lines today...)

betsy - one's bias-ply, and one's radial!

Onr whitewall, one blackwall?

"Wouldn't one be enough?"

not accordian to Bill

One makes him feel sweet and dainty, like he's dressed up in lace and frills, and one makes him feel rugged and tough like he's in leather chaps and--
Oh, wait, we were working on a theme, weren't we?

Noob: No weirder than many of us. I've dance a polka or two myself. Not by myself, you understand, there were others dancing too. And liquor. Lots of liquor.

And he has "big, fat fingers."

Nah, I got nuthin'.

The (not so) perky WARN team needs a visit from Mr. Language Person:

But you can't get tires and accordion music always.

I wonder what that means?

Accordian to TCK, the key to this seems to be noteworthy ... but I'm just too tired to find it ... maybe if we all searched in a radial pattern, we could squeeze some answers out ... if no one is too biased ... 'red?

John - in the immortal words of Mr. Michael Jagger, it means, "You can't always get what you want."

For the record, I do not live in Tulsa, nor have I ever had a tire replaced by an asspiring accordian player.

But let's just say, hypothetically, that I did.

Ok, nah, let's don't.

*holds todays Tulsa World up to cover his red face*

However, I heard a "friend" of mine did stop in once and asked him to play a tune on one of his accordians, but he declined, saying that he was entirely too tired at the moment.

Also, did you guys catch our their head weather mans name?

Dick Faurot. Well, that should explain alot. About the Perky factor I mean.

And then there that whole penis thing......

I assumed it meant that the Always brand of feminine hygiene products do not play music. And I was okay with that. And I still am okay with that.

Did he really, Fish? Did he sound like Scarlet O'Hara when he said it? Because that's how it sounds in my head.

And I just figured out why Dave said it was the Perky WARN Team when the web page clearly belongs to KOTV. Over Dick's head (heh, he said Dick's head) is the logo for their WARN Radar System.

did you guys catch our their head weather mans name?

Uh-oh, someone's busted!!!! I bet you've even heard him play Lady of Spain while you - oops your "friend" was getting his tire changed????????

Do they polka in Tulsa too?

Inquiring minds want to know....:)

Ladies, I will admit, that we do try and keep abreast of the culture here. Er, I my "friend" does.

That's quite a nice squeeze-box there ...

Nice accordian, too ...


SOMEbuddy hadda say it ...

Betsy, he may have two different styles of accordion. They are available in various styles, sizes, etc. I think they are even made based upon the type of music being played on them. However, I'm not 100% certain of that. Or, maybe one is newer than the other, a gift or something, and he kept both.

I think one is for entertaining customers during the money-separation procedure, and the other is for playing at a more formal occasion, such as a lube job.

Sheesh, I feel like a bit of a know it all, but I promise I'm not usually this way.

However, Dick Faurot used to be the weather man for Channel 10 in Lafayette, LA. He is originally from the Tulsa area and moved back there ten or so years ago. Wow, blast from the past...for me, anyway.

I used to think his last name was spelled Farout. And it's pronounced "Ferr-o". He was a pretty good weather man, such as they are, when we watched him in Louisiana.

Speaking of provocative names, though, there is a doctor near where I live named Richard Sickle. Since Dick is a common nickname for Richard (I know, as Richard is my dad's name), it makes for an interesting mental image, does it not?

And he's a pain management doctor.

"Big Fat Fingers" WBAGNFA(Polka)B

Noob; Dick Sickle? SNORT!!! Please pass the windex.

My nearly-5-year-old nephew had 17 (!) items on his Christmas list this year, and one of them was, for whatever reason, a real accordion. My sister didn't actually include that item on the list she sent out to the rest of the family, nor did she include his request for a bow and arrow. Just try to imagine a pre-kindergartner using either of those things...

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