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December 22, 2005


And why is the dog suddenly so interested in you?


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Drat! I knew I should not have purchased that perfume from the dischelved guy in the alley behind walmart. Drat! Drat Drat!

Just marking territory. Nothing to smell here. Move along. How you doin?

Here ... pee in the cup ...

I hear that whenever I hafta take a random drug test ...

Now I know why they always say, "Could you manage to fill it up?"

Chanel No. 1.

Blue Meanie - LOL! HAR! SNORK!!!

So peeing in the shower is like using air freshener! I knew I was justified.

Hey Bloglits ... I gotta go ... (sorta gives an ... um ... "alternate" meaning to that phrase, do it not?)

Time to finish packing to get to the plane to go home for Christmas ...

Might be a day or so before I get back to access ...

In the meantime ... y'all be safe, be happy, finish your Christmas (or Holiday of choice) shopping, love your family ... keep smilin' ... keep postin' ...

talk @ulater

And what's with the Skechers ad below the comment form? What does what they're doing have to do with footwear? Is the spree held in a Canadian night club?

U.O - could ya fill this up, please, before you leave? We're running low here at the WalMart.....

Be sure to wish the Screener Elves a Happy Holiday at the airport, and don't forget to unwrap the fake grenades before putting them in the luggage. (Safe trip and Merry Christmas).

if you told people it was Britney's urine there'd probably still be a market!


it seems like 'sweatshop' may now be a euphemism!

So after applying perfume, I should immediately spray myself with antibacterial air freshener?

Personal hygiene is becoming very complicated these days. Tampon decorations, urine perfume, nipple painting....

Up North*, starting about November 15, lots of guys wear deer pee cologne. I'm not making this up.


"So peeing in the shower is like using air freshener! I knew I was justified."


John, with all due respect, that is disgusting. Especially if you drop your gun and then the buck is chasing you enamored of your smell (which I believe involves female deer s$x phermones) and you trip.

THAT is not a pretty picture. Try not to think about it.

Fortunately, deer aren't as stupid as they seem.

S.N. - Isn't that how the legendary John Deere was founded? ;)

Hey, I made Southerngirl SNORK! I can go back to bed now. Oh wait, I never got out of bed. What day is this again?

Important unrelated headline from a different article on the same page:

"I can't bear wet fairies."

Because, really, who can?

Somewhere North - it gets worse - trappers wear bottled skunk scent when they're setting their traps - the stuff doesn't wash off well either

It's the wet fairy smell that is offensive...perhaps if they covered it with pee-pee perfume?

It's a wonder our ancestors didn't starve to death. Since they went out hunting without the benefits of a literal eau de toilette.

urine and pond water are worse than musk?

Anybody notice that you can view their Hambone or their Honeyball every day? Hmmm....

Kathy - I did. Notice that you could. I didn't view anything, though.

Atticusser - It's doona day. So you can stay in bed, as long as you remember to get up to pee.

Am I the only one who immediately thought "Jack Bauer" and "Season 5 of 24" when I got to the initials "ACG" and then saw that Thai tsunami survivors were making perfume from rats in Phuket under the direction of terrorists?

I've actually heard that some perfumes use some percentage of whale vomit because of its odor's enduring properties.

Can anyone confirm this?

Never thought I'd be googling "whale vomit perfume". But every day brings new experiences and (often unwanted) knowledge.....

All together now: Whale Vomit Perfume .....


A chorus of one - attasoutherngirl!

"Eau de Oosik," anyone?

Blue - thanks again! Wow: It looks like black butter. This chunk about two feet square, thirty kilos. Huge. A brick like that can power Chanel's ambergris needs for twenty years. This chunk is worth a million dollars.

Guess I'll have to keep an eye out.

Brainy - absolutely do NOT take your eye out! The cosmetics industry is just waiting for someone to unwittingly make such materials available for bizarre new products, like nipple gloss and such.

Think I'm exaggerating?

Blue - Well, it's just that the eye is already out, so I figure I may as well keep it out.

Maybe I'll put some brass knuckles in there instead.

I know this is *way* off topic, but...

If you want to remove all the annoying ads on the blog (And others, like CNN, etc), here's an easy, free way to do so:

1. Pop over to Mozilla.com and download the FireFox V1.5 browser.

2. Install it. (Accept all the defaults)

3. Start FireFox. Tell it to import all your favorite I.E. or Netscape bookmarks if you like.

4. Go to the "Tools" menu and then select "Extensions".

5. Select "Get Extensions"

6. Search for and install "AdBlock" and "Filterset.G Updater"

7. Exit and restart Firefox. Accept the legal stuff after reading it. (You won't have to reboot your computer)

8. You're done! No more ads!

Warning: FireFox is a stripped down browser. You might have to reload all your flash players, etc.


PB - I doubt our hosts will appreciate our bypassing ads, but dang it makes things quicker.

Yes, on the ambergris, (which I learnt about ... I think ... in a Donald Duck comic book, many years ago ... ISIANMTU!) ... but then that question was answered NEway ...

Same with skunk musk ... used as a base product for perfumes, 'cuz it "holds scent" more effectively than much other stuff, and, possibly,'cuz it's more easily found than whale vomit ...

KEY QUOTE: He called on authorities to file appropriate charges against the man for his "careless and thoughtless" actions.

Unfortunately, it's pretty difficult to legislate against stupidity ... if we could, however, we'd be able to retire the National Debt with ease ... just by taxing the stupidity of government, for example ... just sayin' ...

whale vomit....lmao. they also add it to cigarettes for better flavor....now i have a real good reason to quit smokin. :)

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