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December 29, 2005


At what point does the price drop again on this item?


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Drop? Drop?

Why, don't you realize that, as the year 2005 fades into the past, this item only becomes more valuable? It's a treasured keepsake! A rarity! An investment that will only increase in value!

You should all rush out and spend your life savings hoarding these against the future Barry Manilow 2005 calendar shortage.

Bid quick on this item . . .

Angaben zum Verkäufer

jeez! i couldn't have said it better myself.

Scary to think that he has a great big following that "can't smile without" him.

teri...that's because he writes the songs that make the whole world sing, AND that make young girls cry, AND clearly has an ego even bigger than his nose...and is a whiny sniveling little turtle-faced mass of no-talent self-absorbed gold-lame-wearing content-free inanity, whose greatest contribution to culture was supplying Dave with the wonderful line about sentencing teenagers to have their mothers sing in the courtroom:
"Noooooo....not 'Copacabana'!!!"

how long before they become classic, vintage or retro?

Couldn't have said it better Betsy. Here's to your wonderful prose...

"a whiny sniveling little turtle-faced mass of no-talent self-absorbed gold-lame-wearing content-free inanity..."

... um ...

Nah, I got nothin' ...

Which, all things considered, is better than havin' a BM calendar ...

Barry Manilow has a website?!?! The apocalypse is truly upon us

thank you, Teri. Sometimes, when one is sufficiently stimulated by a wave of overwhelming disgust, the words just FLOW...

I left out 'preening', though:(

Gee...rather like B.S., mentioned in the previous post, B.M. has apt intials, too. Will wonders never cease?

es das nicht iena gutten deal? Yas das nict iena gutten deal!

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