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December 29, 2005


If one's reaction to this item is "COOOOOL!" does that mean one is a guy, even if one does not have the requisite toolbox?

(Thanks to the Powers family)


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LOL! Thanks for that mental image!

Airborne? Coooooooool.

Airborne! Wow. LOL. Heavy toolbox. I guess answer is one does not have to be a guy to appreciate iron--y.

'Accident Reconstructionist'?! I think I've finally found my calling!

He COULD have used a rock or a stick wedged between the seat and the accelerator.

At least he isn't stuck in the mud now.

The headline was enough to get this article before the blogsters. Then the first line says "...A Paw Paw man...". And the story goes on to describe something that could only have happened to Wile E. Coyote. I'm sure anyone reading this, guy, doll or in-between (nttawwt), would say, "Cooolll!"

OK...although I am not, technically or otherwise, a guy, I not only think this is cool, but I recognize it as exactly the kind of innovative, resourceful and ultimately incredibly stupid thing that I would do my ownself. For the creative thinker, life is an endless game of "don't call the repairman yet...just let me try this first"; and triumph and public humiliation are two sides of the same coin. We (cue "America the Beautiful") are the kind of people who settled the west, armed only with a rope, a horse, some hardtack and a roll of duct tape. We are also the kind of people who accidentally triggered Indian attacks, stampedes, and landslides while engaged in the immportant 'trial and error' phase of problem-solving.
I'm just SO sorry there's no video...

I love "stupid guy" stories!

Very cool!!!

Well, I need some money
Got myself in a screw
Gotta go downtown
Find a Mercury that's new

I said I crashed my Mercury
Oh, yeah, said I crashed my Mercury
Gotta buy a new Mercury
And try to keep it on the road

Yeah, it's cool ... HOWever, I happen to be secure enuf in my own guy-ness that I couldn't help thinking "Well, if I'd've hadda do that, here's how I woulda done it to avoid the runaway auto ..."

Of course, to be fair, I should admit that I'm basing that opinion/thought process on personal experience ...

'Ceptin' I din't use a tool box ... um ... nevermind ...

(NO, it was NOT funny, at the time ...)

... Ya see, that's why it says "Uh Oh" on the thread title ... that's my trademark (tm) ...

When it DID begin to be funny, was when one of the neighbors tried a similar stunt, and his got away more than mine did, resulting in more damages than to my vehicle ...

Oh, dear. I had a thought. What if the guy had tied a rope around the tool box and then when it accelerated enough to get out of the mud, the guy pushing the now free car could pull on the rope and hopefully pull the tool box off the accelerator before it launched itself into the soy bean field. Just a thought.

Yaaaaaaaaay, Joyce!

You got one part of the answer correct! WTG!

The next part of the answer is DO NOT tie the rope to your body so as "not to lose it".

Betsy and A.N., *snork!* And Eleanor, this guy wasn't exactly stupid. He just left out one step. I'll bet every guy reading this said to himself when he saw the Paw Paw man was placing his toolbox on the accelerator: "I sure hope he tied a rope around that toolbox so he can yank it off the accelerator when the car starts to move forward. Otherwise, he don't stand a chance o'gettin' that thang under control 'fore it wrecks 'at soybean field and fetches up against a tree." On the bright side, maybe the car took out enough soybeans to reduce the amount of tofu you women keep trying to feed us.

I am suspicious of this story---mud? In Wisconsin? In December?? What would have happened if the mud was frozen and he slid into the ditch and tried this tool box stunt? If only I had paid attention in physics class.

Well, S.M., I take your point. But it was pretty much the MOST important step, now wasn't it??? :)

Joyce - with temperatures hovering in the mid-30's over the upper Midwest, mud is a very real problem. Today I saw a tow truck using an extended cable to pull a small pickup out of the mud on a level B (dirt, unmaintained) road. BTW, I live in Iowa.

Yow. If you're going to place something on top of your accelerator, make sure it isn't heavy enough to floor it.

Kinda lttg, but, "COOL." I, too, wish there was video.

That's our southerngirl! Always looking for the fun stuff!! :)


There for a minute I thought you were describing McGuyver. He could fix anything with a bit of duct (not duck) tape and random objects found lying around.

I, for one, think the article is funny. I would love to have been a spectator (at a safe distance of course, with a zoom lens or binoculars). One wonders what his insurance claim form will read.

Apparently I am not a guy, because when I was finished cleaning the Mountain Dew off my keyboard, the first words out of my mouth were, "Duh! What did you think was going to happen? You put a toolbox on the accelerator, you dork." I can't help it - it's just such a deeply flawed solution that I cannot call it cool.

Leroy is a TOWN? Oh, whew! I thought some Paw, Paw guy got an auto-enema.

Wow that brings back memories. Really it isn't any better if you have a friend. The friend will just try to aim mud at you while driving.
The best idea is to slip it into cruise control and have the ability to hop back onto the truck. Er, not that I know. Or have done that.


But I bet he calls for help or walks to the nearest house to use the phone next time. A lot cheaper, I'm sure.

Though significantly less amusing.

triumph and public humiliation are two sides of the same coin

Man, that's beautiful, Betsy.

Oh, and COOOOOOOOOL story, Judi!

Annie Where: Thanks. ROTFLMAO for Leroy's Auto-Enema (GNFARB)

Noob:he's a guy--call for help?????? Oh, please. He will try a new toolbox because as so many have pointed out, that was the flaw in the entire first episode, right?

At least he used his toolbox instead of his lunchbox.

OK, either this guy was not all that bright, or he was under the influence of something that would make this seem like a good idea at the time - trust me, I know about these things - once, when leaving the party just a little too late to make it to work on time, I took a short cut across a field that required crossing railroad tracks, but not at the crossing - at the time, it seemed like a good idea to cross the tracks really, really fast, so as not to get hung up on the tracks - this resulted in my pickup going airborne (Dukes of Hazzard style) at an angle nearly perpendicular to the ground - the first thing to hit the ground was the front bumper (no, it did not land on the wheels, like the General Lee, nor was it drivable afterwards) - the sudden stop propelled the toolbox sitting in the box of the pickup thru the back window, and then thru the windshield - I felt the breeze as it flew past my head - I walked (staggered)the last two miles to work (for which I was late), briefly considered calling my pickup in stolen (rather than having to admit my lapse in judgment) and then accepted a ride from my boss the the hospital for the necessary stitches to the forehead, and the exam to see if the steering wheel-shaped imprint across my chest had broken any ribs...

the point is, it seemed like a good idea at the time...

Toolboxes...why did it have to be toolboxes.

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