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December 22, 2005


Finally, somebody is taking action.


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Those poor youth squirrils!!

must sign up for participation at Pop’s Bait Shop


I'm predicting a one-day surge of gunshot-related emergency room visits by Tennessee youths...

did you peruse the picture with the article? the youth in Tennessee are awful old looking... being a redneck must be hard the body. must be all those PBR's

Shouldn't the meal occur after the hunt?

Also, Dave, i've noticed you've blogged quite a bit about TN lately. Pondering a move?

I can't wait for the Tennessean Hunt (not hunting Tennesseans, but replacing the Herald Hunt).

Being quite comfortable rubbing (and bending) elbows at a place like Pop's, and having an excellent squirrel and dumplings recipe, I'll volunteer to cook the after hunt supper. I'll bring my 12 qt Dutch oven, veggies, and other fixins, y'all bring the squirrel meat (cubed in advance would be nice)and the beer.

Lawrenceburg, TN. Gotta love it. I spent many a Thanksgiving and Christmas there visiting my grandparents. I have only in the past few years come to appreciate its quirky small-town Tennessee-ness (that sounds like it could be a dirty word).

"The hunt will begin with a breakfast cooked by G. W. Cobb and Winford Fox."
I would definitely ask to see Mr. Fox's I.D. Cooking breakfast for a squirrel hunt is exactly the kind of sly thing he's do for cheap thrills.

I guess when your last name is Hummel, you have to do these sort of things to look manly.

You mean dogs can be EMPLOYED chasing squirrels? My shepherd is THERE! Boy, she'll be a happy happy dog.
Wait, do they actually have to catch the squirrels? 'Cause she's never been too successful at that. Not for lack of trying, though.

Man is from Mars
And woman from Venus
One has a womb
The other a penis.
But critters of most every
Species and genus
Join Mary in savoring
True Tennessee-ness.

NotIn - The dog's job is to find the squirrel, keep it treed if possible, and "give voice" to let the hunter locate it.

Hunting dogs who catch the game are not employed as such for long, since once caught they tend to eat that which they have caught. Not to be confused with a bird dog or retriever who will fetch a downed bird to hand.

I seem to notice a red glow on the wall behind my neck...

LOL @ Sledge, etc.!

I consulted our cats on this and they are firmly supportive. They tell me that they have watched the squirrels in our back yard and even on the porch for several years now. Our cats agree with this BLOG that the dastardly little rodents are clearly terrorists. They tell me that they are jealous of the squirrel dogs, who look about their size. If only they were not house cats, the squirrels would be in big trouble here as well.

Southerngirl...Thank you, my dear. Perhaps you'd like to join us for some kibble with a squirrel chaser.

Don't jest, Dave. Them things is good, barbecued; pest control and haut cuisine! My Aunt Pearl back in Tennessee used to cook up a batch the menfolk had killed while the family was gathered for Christmas.... (Jeez, now I'm homesick!)

Hmmm... Mapquest.com, Chicago to Chattanooga...

Hey, that one guy looks like Paul Tuetel.

I'm assuming dinner menu for Christmas day is varmint vittles with critter pie for dessert.

I'm assuming Tennessee squirrels don't enjoy the same diet (ie carrion) that western squirrels do.

Just as long as they don't bother the squirls . . .

MKJ...Them squirls have the biggest nuts I've ever seen.

Message, from the present, to the Futurum:

Your time is passed.
Go away.
For eternity.

my boyfriend tells me that in college, he supplemented the meal plan with campus squirrels and a crock pot.

Ummm.. I thought Americans enjoyed a strong economy. Why are you having to resort to eating what are essentially furry rats? I know you spent a lot in Iraq, but still...

Somewhere - There's not much difference between squirrel and rabbit, and the French (and French Canadians I'm told) consider rabbit a staple.

Rabbit? Somebody, probably the same person trying to convince you to eat squirrel, is lying to you.

Deer? Yes. Moose? Occasionally. Lobster? Always. So to sum up Canadian nutritional habits, we eat aquatic insects but definitely not furry rats.

Pogo...I tried to use rabbit as a staple, but it kept jumping off my manuscript.

... um ... BTW ... Mooses are really nothin' but big sheep ... them and all other deers are members (HAR!) of the ovidae bunch ...

Just sayin' ...

Well, on the whole furry rat thing, my inlaws were with us for Christmas and have visited a country where guinea pig is a food product, not a pet. To each their own, I suppose.

OTOH, I like any wild game that has feathers. Deer, squirrel, etc., no, bird, yes.

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