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December 01, 2005


Exhibit 2,038

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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If I could view it, I would make a witty comment.

Key Quote: "big engine - light weight hippy car."

WTG Dave. You've tripped off my 'Access Denied' screen. Just what exactly did you link to that set off my tech weasels filters?
*prepares for visit and stern lecture from said tech weasels*

we thought about doing that one night back in high school.

but, we chose to just play putt putt golf instead.

Hey, I think I've solved k-Fed's unemployment problem-let's get him a job as a stunt driver on this show!

That is the best use for a Citronne ever..

Blimey! Because we Brits are too cultured to say Holy Sh*t!

The side bar content got filtered on my end, but I was able to view the video.


Blimey, that blew me away!

I bet Maria Schriver's hair could withstand the force of the jet engines..

But OF COURSE, the IT police prevented me from seeing this, but in hearing it I wondered about any Darwin Award potential.

For those of us who CAN'T view it, please provide some description.

Dude: Dude! Where's my car?

Pilot: Dude! Where's my jet?

That's it. I am totally fitting some jet engines onto my car to clear French traffic from now on.

For those who can't see it, it's a demonstration of the power of a jet engine...by driving a (remotely controlled) car directly behind them while they're at full power. The first is a sort of typical 4-door sedan. It gets airborne, sails about 40 yards and tumbles over. Next is a Citroen--it sails about 60 yards and is crushed.
The british narrator says things like Blimey! and Crickey! while this happens.

MOTW: some individuals possessing a "Y" chromosome took a jet engine out on a runway and with the engines at full throttle, sent an aerodynamic Ford across the runway -- it got blown around as though caught in a tornado. Then they sent a "slabby sided car" -- a Citroen and it basically got ripped apart.

We were warned that if they let the engines blast for longer than 20 seconds at full throttle, it would rip up the runway.

OK....where's that runway and where do you just get a jet plane to experiment with?

TSA was probably busy checking the shoes of some 80 year old great-grandma.

It's a pretty long video clip, with a young British announcer, narrating a test of the claim that the exhaust from a fully-revved 747 jet engine will blow a moving car off course. One engine on a real 747 is turned full throttle and first a Ford Mondeo and then one of those clunky old Citroens cruises behind the engine. The Ford is blown over, and the less-sturdy Citroen is blasted to bits.

To me it's a way-overextended joke, presumably mocking us of the guy gender's tendency to crash stuff around and the Brits' style of understated reporting.

The links posted all around the video clip on the website seem a lot more interesting - webcams in some girl's bedroom, how to get free access to paid porn sites, etc. Probably explains the filtering problems encountered by many.

"Wo-hoah!! Crikey!!!"

I love how the bloke is surprised to see the big engine's effect upon the little hippie car.

thankx, y'all

T'girl - from the descriptions supplied, the young bloke has had practice being surprised from all the rejections he's received when asking a young lass to accompany him to view jet/car tests.

Guy gets big plane with windy engines...guy blows apart 2 cars with wind from plane....guy says "Crikey!"


Mythbusters tried that also but were denied the use of an actual jet airplane and had to make do with a couple of smaller engines. Their results were not sp spectacular.

Mythbusters did this one, didn't they?

Mmm. Mythbusters. That's a Guy Show.

And then the announcer/host guy strips down to his "knickers" and does something he likes to call "the nipple dance". Too bad you can't link to it...

that was WAY cool.

Judi...Judi, are you there? Help us! There's too much testosterone in here... cough ... need.... choke.. air...gasp...and chocolate.

We really need a fling with Mr. Banana Sling.

I believe this video is from "Top Gear". It is a british show about cars. It was following "Mythbusters" for a while. This show also raced a jet with a car. London to Paris or some such distance...


for those of you that couldn't view the link, you can download the file here

[just scroll down on the first page, and click "FREE" - then there'll be a countdown - less than a minute - after which you can download or open the file]

...and I used to think tossing napkins up into the ceiling fan was exciting...

When I was in high school, we decided it would be fun to roll a car, just to see what it was like (and yes, this seemed like a good idea at the time, and yes, we were altered at the time that it seemed like a good idea).

So, anyway, my best freind's dad had an old ford country squire station wagon (it looked kinda like this one) that was just sitting out behind the barn, wasting space, so we put some tires on it, got it running, took it out on a dirt road, got up to speed, and rolled it.

It wasn't nearly as much fun as you might think...at least nobody was hurt...well, not hurt bad anyway.

I miss high school

That was cool.

Some of your computers probably filtered this because all the links along the sides of the page looked to be porn links. How does Claire Martin find this stuff?

*goes back to check out the porn links*

c'mon bumble - "get naughty tonight" and "sexy girl videos" aren't NECESSARILY porn links...

TCK- You check and see. I'll be over here straightening my halo and trying to pull the little devil whispering in your ear off your shoulder. ;-)

I never rolled a car, or was in one that was rolled, but my boyfriend-at-the-time-now-my-ex-husband and I were doing donuts in a gravel parking lot once, and when the dust cleared there was a cop sitting there waiting for us. (We didn't get a ticket.)

The good old days.

Man, we would get up to 50mph and roll an orange alongside the car. Once it got rolling, the centripital forces ripped it apart.

We didn't have jet.

"Claire Martin" =
A Rectal Rim In
A La Cretin Rim
Lace Rat In Rim
Cram Inertial
Cram in Retail
Cram Real In It
Can Earl Rim It

The list goes on, but I think we've stumbled onto a secret - there is no real "Claire Martin" - it's just a pseudonym that Dave uses for his naughty posts...

Brainy, what are centripital forces? ;)

southerngirl - that's the force from star wars - you know, the one that was always with Luke, and made Darth Vader breathe heavy?

This is a much cooler plane clip:

405 - The Movie

Pirateboy - I don't know if it was cooler, but it's sure a hell of a lot funnier

Southerngirl - It's the opposite of centrifugal force. Centifugal force draws a spinning things outward, away from the center of rotation; centripetal force forces spinning things inward, toward the center of rotation - kinda like a toilet flushing. Sort of.

You're making me dizzy

Unless you're below the equator, right? Then it would be the opposite?

Silly me, I thought it was a typo. Guess that's why he's BRAINY.

Iwant my..
Iwant my..
I want my SUV.

Southerngirl, it was a typo until Mr C removed the i and inserted the e.

Earwig Alert: Jet from WestSide Story

When you're hit by a jet,
And your car blows apart
From your first monthly payment
To the day it won't start.

When you're hit by jet,
Bet your grill hits the fan,
You got medics around
You dense British man!

Ever crash your car
with the tranny disconnected?
When you're chasing a jet,
These things are to be expected
So you'd better be well protected!

When you are dumb
With a capital D,
Which you'll never forget
Till they clear Runway Three.
When they're hit by a jet,
Cars fragment, you bet!

See, you guys just didn't get my joke. I knew what centripetal force was, just not what centripital force was.

Ok, no I didn't.

Thanks, SMan! I was really confused, so I looked it up. Then, of course, I had to go back to Brainy's original post to get your comment, because then I was confused, again.

I am no longer confused, and I'll stop now.


I have Quicktime, and WMP and I went to Amazon and I couldn't get the damn thing to play.

Don't Care!


Yeah ... it says "product not available" ... Booger!

El, U.O,
try (for the 405 movie) clicking on WM8, then 405 lo 0r 406 hi

and Go Granny Go!

geezly. or 405 hi.

Top Gear. Best guys' car show on television. Ever.

Key quotes:

"This should be fun."


My favorite quote: "Its a service we provide this stuff, you know."

I also like the sound track when the cars are being blown to bits.

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