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December 31, 2005


Commode rustlers.

Key Quote That Tempts a Person To Say "No shirt, Sherlock": "We have to look at the possibility that these two incidents are related."


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"The mere fact that someone is stealing toilets is weird."

Nothing gets by the Jacksonville police, does it? Except a person carrying a toilet.

Wonder if it's (not its) an inside job, as Habitat seems to be (not bee) a primary target.

Kilmeny, the intelligence of police in news interviews is astounding, is it not?

I had a friend who had to stop oncoming traffic. That was about all he was told. The news people all interviewed him and made angry statements that the police stopping traffic did not know what was going on.

I am glad the seats where not in use when they where stolen. That would be very difficult to get away with.

Sorry for the double post:
Who wants a green toilet seat?

"Callers do not have to reveal their identity."
Thanks goodness... wouldn't want to be ID'd as a stool pigeon......

Oh, Russell...how juvenile.
('scuse me while I *snork* anyway:)

Key quote: A rash of stolen toilets ...

Mebbe if they tried some Desitin ...

Given Dave's rantings in the past, I'm assuming they weren't low flow toilets making them a hot ticket item.

What do they mean, IF the 2 crimes are related? Anyway, isn't it obvious that whoever stole them were asses?

Also, LOL Russell

you mean Habitat for Humanity isn't 'self-service'?

Where wuz Fed? I hope he's got a good alibi ...

....Shipp said. "The mere fact that someone is stealing toilets is weird. It's a rare thing."

rare? or REAR?????

The jokes are just too easy. Snorks all around. :-)

*goes back to reading Peter and the Starcatchers*

So, the police have nothing to go on.

Given the colors (green and blue) of the stolen Habitat for Humanity crappers, cops should be on the look out for a colorblind thief with a hernia. I suggest they first check with the Trenton Truss Company for a list of all recent shipments to the Jacksonville area.

Is it me, or does Florida seem to have the most unique crimes?

Nah, it's just that the media there is so desperate for something to happen so they can justify their jobs (now that Dave's no longer a full-time member of that scenario) that they'll report NEthing as "news" ...

what the heck is "snorks all around" (Bumble)? Why dont you write "lol" like the rest of us...rebel.

I'm with you U.O. AOL will never touch my hard drive!

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