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December 28, 2005


...than a Christmas Eve snake rustler...

...except for a Nun Bun thief.

(Thanks to many people)


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hope those snakes weren't left in anyone's stockings.

They stole the Nun Bun!!!!!!!

...Why do I know about the Nun Bun????

...Probably because of Dave...

Mother Teresa's bun weighed 14 pounds? That means that with two, her buns scaled @ 28 pounds (two stone, in the English colloquial parlance ... do with that whut you will ...)

Funny, she din't look that plump ...

Yes, we in Nashville are heartbroken about the loss of the Nun Bun.

For a detailed history and cool morphing pictures, check out the company's web site, www.bongojava.com.

Tennessee, eh? Hmmmm... Has anyone seen Federal Duck lately?

Everyone, be on the lookout for a duck with a bun! And if you see a duck without a bun, check his breath!

Nah, he wouldn't eat it. With the success of the VMGCS, he's gonna sell that sucker on E-Bay!

As a co-Middle Tennessean, I must vouch for Fed's innocence. No, I don't really BUY that he's innocent, I'm just vouching for it.

Nun Bun Rustlers wbagnfa ... Gregorian Chant band ...

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