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December 30, 2005


An officer is attacked by a pack of angry chihuahuas.

(Thanks to Karl Weckstrom, who points out that "Angry Chihuahuas" would be a good name for a rock band)


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They should have used a Chalupa...I know there's a Taco Bell in Fremont.

chihuahuas aren't really dogs - their rats on leashes

Why does it say the dogs were "angry"?

I thot that was the normal, everyday behavior of those critters ... they don't need provocation ... your mere existence is enuf reason for them to bite you ...

I like to think that if I were attacked this way, my past as a kicker for my HS football team would come in handy. I hope I never find out, but just in case any of you little nasty buggers are reading this...I can shank a football pretty far....

BTW - I meant "THEY ARE" rats on leashes

also, in defense of the rats, they were simply rescuing their master from what they viewed in their little rat brains to be a threat...

which makes me wonder if the guy looked like this

"Nosotros queremos human flesh"

officer Bill Veteran?

what could they charge the burglar with ? Pornication? Pornifying with intent to arouse?
I hope they throw the book at him!(and I don't mean the Kama Sutra)

Damn ankle biters!

I love that you sort of need five of them to do any sort of damage. It's like, five chihuahuas equals one real dog.

LOL golfwidow, how true
LOL insom - thanks for mentioning the Kama Sutra - aaah, memories...

"Two hours earlier, a homeowner in Niles reported that an intruder broke into her home and added pornography to her computer."

Ok, if you don't want to admit you look at porn on the Internet, that's fine. But to blame it on an intruder? That's just wrong.

I wonder if the porn was free or if she's gonna get a nasty surprise on her bill.

We're fighting a battle here in CA over our pitbulls. In my opinion, little yappy rats like this are the ones who should be banned for viciousness, LOL! I've never been afraid of a pitty, but met lots of little rat dogs I didn't want anywhere near me!

southerngirl is right. And anyway, what's so bad about "erotic Indian art" (he asked innocently)?

flashback: sitting in a canyon well into the high desert mountains here, stalking bambi with my camera..... I'm the only person for miles around, or so I thought. all of a sudden, walking down the canyon trail came the BADDEST meanest looking punk'ed guy I'd ever seen - multi-piercings, spiked hair, wearing all black, goatee, chains hanging from his belt, lotsa muscles, real scary looking.... except he was walking FIVE "rats-on-leashes". giggle. they all walked on by silently, from where I've no clue since I hadn't seen a car in over 5 miles of canyon road. sidenote: the canyon also contains some ancient indian art, dunno how erotic tho - it all looks like ancient graffiti to me.

Azred- What Canyon? I used to live near Canyon deChelle.

John- funny I named those things 'pigskins' after a couple of 'events'.
"Back off or my dog will bite."
"Back off or I might kick it for an extra point." Um long story.

...twenty minutes to get to the hospital; an hour and a half in the waiting room;

"What seems to be the problem, officer?"

"I was swarmed by a gang of chihuahuas."

"I don't have time to waste on jokes. Get lost."

"No, really..."

"GET OUT!!!"

This is probably the beginning of a Chihuahua uprising.
Lock your doors and shut your windows, everyone.

"Chihuahua uprising?" So the little nippers make it as far up as my shins, big deal.

But if that lady with the weirdo intruder had been armed with rat-dogs, they would have yipped him right on out of there...and his little dong, too!

These chihuahuas aren't nearly as stupid/obnoxious/suicidal as one I saw a few years ago. Ever see a chihuahua attack a horse? Little bastard actually tried to bite him. I swear the horse looked at the little rat and said "I have turds bigger than you."

Bonus question: is it better to call them pigskins, or skeet? I personally favor skeet. So much more satisfying. PULL!

There was a rock band in Houston called the "Dropkick Chihuahuas". Just sayin'...

Don't you think that a shaved squirrel might look like a chihuahua? Coincidence? I think not. Those little terrorists are everywhere!

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