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December 07, 2005


Turns out, cheese can turn you blonde.

(Thanks to Markus K.)


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Oh, crap. Here come the cheese puns again.

The nice thing about crumbly cheese is that nobody has to cut it.

As I've told some of you, I'm on a special diet. Man, I'd KILL for some cheese right now.


I bet she's gonna get teased a lot in prison. Especially on macaroni-n-cheese day.


If you wanna pig out
You've gotta take it out
If you have an attack
Attack for a snack

Tastes alright,
Tastes alright,
Tastes alright,

LabSpecimen is on a "cheese" roll!

It was a Wheel of Misfortune.

Honestly, anyone prepared to kill a child should be a) stripped of reproductive capacities and b) left in Antartica naked and soaking wet. Or something - something really bad.

Brainy, are you doing (a) so that she doesn't reproduce with the seals or something?

Lab - it would seem I have some issues.

Brainy Jello - while I agree that the killing of children should be severly punished, I think, at times like these, we have to ask ourselves:

What would cheesus do?

[southerngirl: can I hide under your bed again - I smell lightening coming!!]

Behold, the power of cheese!

Brainy - the only issue you have is being right.
s-girl - snork!

TCK - that ain't lightning you smell - that's your brain short-circuiting.

Aren't there easier ways to get cocaine than hiring hit men to kill people who have it? I wouldn't know. TCK?

Reminds me of Snake in Big Trouble; get and keep the drugs that aren't really drugs at any cost. Was she gonna hop an Air Impact! flight to the Bahamas and become a kingpin after she got it?

Ohh yeah. Not only did I tip off the blog to this story (I'm Markus K.), I got to read this over the airwaves at my college radio station here in Boston! Go WHRB News (www.whrb.org)!

TCK is out on a delivery now.

I thought he was under southerngirl's bed?

southerngirl! Are you smuggling cocaine in with your crawfish? I'm shocked.

Wow! This is my best day EVER! I learned italics, and bold, I got my very first "snork" and TCK is under my bed again!

Bumble ~ No Way, Uhn, Uhn, Never. And, why were you asking TCK about this?

psst... TCK, were you being followed?

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Huh. "Tsk" is very similar to "TCK." Coincidence? I think not.

s-girl - when will TCK be back from his (sniff!) delivery?

southerngirl - can we look forward to a link from you tomorrow or will having TCK under your bed be too much of a distraction?????
just wonderin'....:)

southerngirl - the only person that's been followin' me is Eleanor (or maybe I'm bein' paranoid - hard to tell the difference sometimes)

Brainy J - Some people have issues, some have subscriptions.

TCK ~ just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean Eleanor isn't after you!

And, El, I can't get the linky thingies to work. I'll keep trying, though!

... and, Mr. C ... some people have reservations ... like, the First Americans ... (sorry, not funny ... whatever ... it's all that I could think of ...)

Also, Annie & El, YES, TCK is very distracting. Uh, I mean distractive. Dang, I mean, Attractive.

Promise, I'll stop now.

Mr. C - gouda one.

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