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December 30, 2005


...a time for thoughtful reflection on the major events of 2005.

(Thanks to many people)


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I like the GI Joe rescue one ...

Everyone knows SCUBA Steve is who you send in for water rescue/recovery.

Hmmmm? GI Joe encounters a little sewage and he's useless. This reminds me of something. Now what could it be? Oh, yeah, it reminds me of the "boys" in my house.

Finally a post that isn't worth crap!
Or wait, Maybe it is!

Oh well What I'd like to know is how did they get GI Joe down the flusher?


No Name Rock Band

This whole topic has me flushed. (Sorry, couldn't stop myself).

My son, now almost 13, used to flush myriad things, including his underwear, if he had an accident.

He also flushed eyeliner pencils, ceramic knick-knacks, and a variety of toys.

I once had five plumbers working on my stopped up pipe (don't even ask how much that cost). They had to cut out a section, and in it they found the source of the stoppage; a tape measure, the big metal professional kind. After I got over the fainting spell caused by the bill, I asked the plumber what was the weirdest thing he'd ever found in someone's plumbing. His reply?

A tape measure....

Hey, this is almost as good as my annual list of Top Five Things I Found Under My Couch Cushions.

New SOSIK? Does this work for everyone?

Works for me! Shall we call it "Out Of Snakes in Kilts"?

yep, no hiccups

Okay, I'll post the official moving announcement on the old one. :)

wow - i'm hardly ever here on moving day - usually i have to wander thru old threads, following the trail of empty bottles and discarded kilts

We like to keep you guessing, TC, but we thought we'd cut you a break today.

And hey! Where ya been?!

...while riding a horse?


Okay everybody, new mission, for OOSIK. Let's unblurk the blurkers! Come on everybody, POST!

cyn, my dad would say "peach fuzz!" when he hit his thumb with a hammer or some such thing, so I kind of borrowed it from him. He was determined not to use foul language in our home and came up with many creative alternatives.

KDF, darlin' - what makes you think i've been anywhere? maybe i've just been followin' you around, all quiet like, so you wouldn't notice me

alfred, ?

Now why the heck would you do that, TC? Opportunity lost, pal.


Oooo...phantom poster. Intriguing.

why would i do that? well, for the view, of course

but i didn't say i've been doin' that - i asked how do you know i haven't been doin' that

more likely i've been wanderin' around lost, followin' a trail of empty bottles and discarded kilts, and wonderin' where that damn horse ran off to afer i fell off

but i didn't say i've been doin' that - i asked how do you know i haven't been doin' that

I'm a mom, Tickles. I have that eyes in the back of the head thing.

pssst, guys, public service announcement: rest assured that when you are in fact "taking in the view" we are fully aware of it, even when we pretend not to notice

However you got here Toodles, we're glad you're back. Have you met SSA, our resident leather-wearing warrior punstress?


I have - in fact, met Sharon - in fact, I think i snuck a peek at her....

oh yeah - i wasn't sposed to mention that again

oh, and you can rest assured that we know that you know we're lookin' - some of you ain't all that good at pretendin' not to notice - just sayin'

only when we want you to know that we know

*slumps under the blankets in a corner*
Wake me when the world is shiny and happy and it's no longer my mother's birthday - which, coincidentally, I forgot for the 22nd year in a row. Never mind that she's a b!tch, I'm still supposed to at least remember her birth month, right?

You know?

So I see you've heinzed, KDF--*snork*! Things got a bit interesting last night, I'll say that. But the leather does go really well with the boots.

TC--are you ever going to finish that sentence? You've got me all intrigued here. And yes...I did know you were lookin'.

{{Marie}} I had some sage advice for you...but I thought you'd like basil better.


♪ and the band plays on ♫

very cool Sarah. I try to not use bad language `round my family. not nearly as successfully! your dad sure has raised some great kids, though. maybe i'll up the effort:)

well, i'm off to errands n other rl things n stuff.
catch y'all later. (hopefully not so late everyone is asleep, again. ah hate talkin' to m'self)

{{{hugs MiK}}} wish i could make it all better for you. but, WE love you:) hang in there. or here!

There was this one time though where he failed. The Bishop was over for dinner and was talking to my brother in the living room. My parents and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner. My dad was carving a chicken (or maybe it was a turkey...? oh well) and cut the webbing between his index finger and thumb. He let out a string of words I'd never heard him say before and my mom yelled, "Scott!!!" then hissed, "We have company in the next rooom." That's one of the only times I've heard him use words like that. (the others were at my brother for being an idiot, but that's another story)

Sharon - if you knew i was lookin', you'd know that i snuck a peek at your....

wait a minute! you're just tryin' to trick me into tellin' you, aren't ya?

Darn. You're a smart one.

*goes off to devise new plan*

*snork* nobody's perfect! (n i've cut the web of my hand before! it hurts like h*ll. and the shock is just awful.)
ok, i'm really going, now.

*snork* at Sharon and *sniffle* at Cyn. {{{{everyone}}}}

I feel better. Giant Frog is in a better mood and we're having cassoulet for dinner.


OK, I gotta go find that horse, cuz she's got all my beer

see ya'll later

Blue, you have mail. A tad late, though, I'm sorry. :-(

The two miners in Oz have been rescued. A bright spot in an otherwise dreary day.

Wow...Blue comes in, and TC goes out. Coincidence?...I think NOT!

TC--Just don't get off your horse twice or The ASK will never let you hear the end of it.

pssst...TC...why do you have so many names around here?

oh, so I see how it is...I leave for less than an hour!! and you guys snuck off and moved on me.


KDF, got some more of those paranoia meds? or some Chill-edrin™?

SG! Welcome to the OOSIK!

And we didn't snuck. Well, TC's been snucking, but that's about it.

And weren't you the one who suggested moving in the first place? Hmm? HMM??

I thought so.

*loves sg a margarita and a Chill-edrin*

You think NOT, therefore...you aren't?

S-G, they done the same thing to me. Just walked right out on us, they did. *Loves S-G some Chill-edrin™ extra-strength.*

Thank you Blue, who's definitely an un-Meanie!


and Sharon the defiant, I did suggest it, and was informed that oh, no everything was cool, no problems here, blah blah blah...

can't remember who said that, tho...

*concentrates really hard*

heehee, I said "hard"

wait I minute, missy...I do believe that was you!

gulps down the Chill-edrin™ extra-strength.*

much better - thanks again, Blue the Sweetie.

I'll take that margarita now!

Oh. Right.

*nervous laugh*

Carry on. Nothing to see here.

pssst...Blue...how long does it take for Chill-edrin extra strength to take effect?

Marie, I was going to send you an IM this afternoon, but my bosses insisted on hangin' around. I guess they didn't realize that I had waaay more important things to do. :)

sharon, sweetie, you aren't worried about little ol' me, are you?

*practices her best innocent look*

*wonders if it's working*

gotta head out for a few - see y'all soon.

pssst...everyone! Quick! Move the Kilt thread again while sg is...is...

Heh-heh...you're still here, aren't you?


Never mind.

It depends on the method of delivery, Sharon. If taken orally on one's own, it can take up to fifteen minutes. If administered by a trained and caring partner via other means, it can be practically instantaneous and far more effective.

Just sayin'.

Oh, geez Blue...do you give me this much ammunition on purpose??

As if you had to ask.....

Thanks, Sgirl. It's all right, I understand about the werk restrictions on blogging and ch@tting.

Bixente Lizarazu the football player is on TV. He looks cute... never really got a good look at him before, what with all the running (and sweating, ewww).

Sweating can be fun. It makes every all.. slippery n slidey.

Oh yeah. I am present and accounted for!
Still waiting for some sort of vacation present as well.
*pointed glare in Thumpers direction*

Oh, right... I forgot... Bixente Lizarazu, the Basque French player.

First you don't invite me to the party, then you move when I'm gone, then sg gets the good paranoia bit before I get here...

Ignore him, guys. He's gripin' again.

Well, I was gonna see if I could help him get over it, but since I'm supposed to ignore it...

I never listen to griping. Princesses have "people" to do that for them.

I just saw an ad for Bixente Lizarazu. Sure it can cure depression, but the side effects are quite scary. (embarrassing flatuation, frequent urination, adult acne and erections lasting longer than 10 days).

And just look at that shine!

(Geezers, stand up and be counted. OK, stay in your rockers and be counted.)

*SNORK* @ sly!

Hey, there's nothing wrong with having a gripping personality...I mean, gripping denotes excitement and energy and...and...

Oh. You said....

Never mind.

His name does sound quite medical in English. I guess I was in Spain for so long that it didn't register as a strange name. His first name is pronounced rather like "bi-SHEN-te".

Where've you been Sharon? It's almost curtain time.

Curtains? It's curtains for me? Are my puns really so bad that you need to plot my death behind my back (which, by the way, is MUCH worse than not inviting The ASK to the paranoia party or moving without telling sg)?

Hmph. Curtains.

*knocks on table three times*

I see I've drawn the drapes of wrath with my thinly veiled threat of doom. I merely wished to ensure that our audience is not again disappointed following last night's unflattering reviews.

You caught that, did you? Shades of "The Critic" wouldn't you say?

Ah Hime do,

Begins to make doilies and listen to griping.

Well, I am usually drawn into the total perspective vortex of catching up from wherever I have left off, so I did note that. I also caught the extended e-mail paranoia thing, R0und II, and had a fairly long ch@t this morning about that with the person about whom we are in fact not at all speaking of, IYCMD.

Really? I'm so often blind to what's going on around me that it took me somewhat by surprise.

And it's too bad you didn't end up hanging around longer, or you could have joined me in defending our performance last night.

Well, when the bugle calls at 5:30, staying up much past 1:30 is not a luxury I have too often. But I will stand bravely behind you as you defend our honor into the wee hours.

Yeek! That's early! Fortunately my schedule allows me to be a complete night owl. Now, don't look at me that way--jalousie is an ugly emotion on everyone.

Funny--I had another instance of email paranoia earlier today as well (totally unrelated to the blog). Must be my perfume.b

*grabs extra b--can use it for a raspberry later*

The perfume must be getting to your memory too. *Snatches and makes origami crane from SSA's tongue*

She doesn't need to have her honor defended. She can parry and thrust like the best of 'em. With words, of course. What were you thinking? Perv.

I'm making no sense today. *sighs, presses post anyway*

The monsoon is back with a vengeance now. The rain is falling horizontally and hitting the front windows very noisily.

Just peeking in to bump the paranoia level.

hey! I'm here now - y'all weren't talking about me, were you??

it's ok, if y'all were talkin nice, just sayin'...

sg! I know you did that on purpose!

My kung-fu is mighty--I unravel my own tongue this time.

:b (see--I knew I'd need it!)

It's like tying a cherry stem in your mouth, only in reverse!

Oh geez. KDF is pique-ing again.

And THANK you, Marie!


I Did Not!!

*freaks out cuz apparently I was bein' talked about*

*runs off to hide in the corner*

Is cherry stem tying a two-person act or a solo? Just, um, curious.....

It can go either way, Blue.

sg--we were NOT talking about you. So don't...um...bother heinzing to check on it or anything. 'Kay?

(just kidding :)

Thothe of uth who can remove other people'th tongue ringth can generally handle a little cherry thtem, yeth, Blue!

Two people if you use your fingers. One if you use your tongue.

*has minor panick attack knowing they were talking about her*

You mean cherry-stem-tying is real? I always thought it was a joke. It can't possibly be physically possible.

I can turn my tongue upside-down, though, by twisting it almost at the base. When I show it off, people are always amazed.

See? I was so upset I forgot how to spell.

*removes K from panic and stores it for tomorrow when she's making a Kake and will need it*

I can also stick the tip of my tongue to the back. That one freaks everyone out because apparently it looks gross.

I, myself, have actually tied a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue, Marie. It can be done.

I was going to make some comment on the nimbleness of my tongue (considering that it can be tied in knots and used to make origami animals) but decided it would be in poor taste (HAR!).

Actually, I just didn't want to give Blue easy ammo.

Blue has easy ammo even with Bible quotes. His mind works in mysterious ways.

Go a bit slower, please, ladies. How am I supposed to get this all down?

It ain't always the mind that's working.

*does tongue acrobatics* All I need now is a lesson in cherry-stem tying from Sharon.

Yes, Blue...trust me, we know.

*peeks and reads over Blue's shoulder*

"...whoever can control the tongue can bridle the whole body..."


It's the stomach too, you see. Lots of work going on in there, yessir.....

yeah, I'd like to hear from Sharon on that one, too!

wolfie, is a "kake" the same thing as a "cake?"

cuz I'm so confused...I thought you didn't cook? ;)

Go a bit slower, please, ladies. How am I supposed to get this all down?

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 10:36 PM on May 8, 2006

nope, not even goin' there...

I can tie a knot in a cherry stem around my tongue ring. So there.

Ammo get myself in all kinds of trouble here.....

Okay, see...you take the cherry stem and put in on your tongue so it goes from side to side, rather than front to back. Then you thrust your tongue back a bit...

...hmm...broke into a little sweat there...

...and bring the two ends of the stem together behind your teeth.

The next part is just basially manipulating the ends of the stem with the tip of your tongue until one end lays over the other. Then you suck really hard so the pressure folds one end over...

...heh...excuse me for a moment...

*runs to take a cold shower*

I am not too proud to admit to a need for personal instruction in this area.

Hey, where did ASK get to? Man, he disappears quick, doesn't he?

Well, sure The ASK! It's easy when the tongue ring is on someone else's tongue!

pssst...KDF...watch your tongue around The ASK!

*Checks dressing supply*

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