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December 23, 2005


It's as good as over.

(Thanks to Mikey Weasel)


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dave has always been my FIRST choice for president!

Because the link doesn't work, I can honestly say this is like nothing I've seen before!

(Um, that part about the link not working? Let's just pretend that it really is, and my network admin isn't a total idiot)

Dave, I always said you'd win by a nose!

(And it looks like Dave picked a winner!)

it didn't work at first, pirateboy :) i changed the url.

Looks like the url needs a-changin' again... to what, I don't know, the page won't load. Bet it's really funny, too. Argh.

no, it wont load for me, either...

Here is the link which worked for me just now:
Dave? Dave's not here, man!

PB, neither link works for me. :(

Copy the link, paste it into your browser, hit enter. That worked for me.


copying and pasting neither one works for me ...

well, the cut and pasting worked, and it was soooooo worth all the trouble.

The link on Mike's name works.. scroll down to the second post. It's what we're all looking at.

Once again, great job, oh weaselous one!

In Latin we call this link:
Brokus Dickus

Thanks PB, but then again we all knew you were a little bit "linky"

I know baaaaaddd....

Got it ... finally ... duh ...

Never even thot to click on Mikey ...


The link only works in Internet explorer. Why? I do not know...

At least that's what happened to me. Mikey's site works fine though in both browsers.

Shouldn't he be kissing a baby or something?

Nan' --

Nah, it worked thru Safari for me, once I finally clicked on Mikey, above ... the others don't work for me tho, thru anything on Mac ...

Whatever ...

Or, sharing a booger with a baby?

Whatever ...

Booger Babies -- or Baby Boogers -- wbagnfarb?

Or not ...

Whatever ...

Using Firefox.. working on a non-Mac laptop.. both links worked just fine and dandy for me.

no link working here. must have off for christmas.

It worked fine in Firefox for me.


Nice work, Mikey! The booger is *da bomb*.

Click my name! I guess the posted link only works if you're logged into Blogspot.

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