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December 28, 2005



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Yeah, Dave ... mine, too.

Wonder who ferreted out that story?

"Included in the total were 157 kits"

I though ferrets came fully assembled.

er, thought

No, Hugh (not hew, phew, or hue) ...

the kits are a cost-saving measure, allowing the purchaser to save money, and enjoy assembly in the privacy of their own home, at their leisure ...

All thanks to Wayne Co, NY, I bet.

Ferrets? Prairie Dogs?? This is in normal parlance in the Dakotas.

We haven nothing else to talk about, afterall.


Oh yeah? We do so talk about other stuff ...

Like ... prairie winds ... prairie potholes ... prairie goats ... prai ... um ... nevermind ...

(Hi EB ... got much snow over east? Not much here ...)

The PLAGUE?! The bloody plague?


"Crews have been spraying insecticide into prairie dog holes..." That line begs the old punchline: Who held their little legs?

...and the Great White Buff... er.. Black-footed Ferret, will rise to glory once more! It will stand on the outcropping of a sandstone balcony with it's chin jutting out, surveying the Badlands and the whole of its dominion. And the surrounding prairie will run red with the spent blood of the prairie-dogs that refuse to bend their knees to him.

The End

...and then Along Came Polly...

Mmmm... prarie dogs... *burp*

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