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December 22, 2005


Now the bastards are going after Santa.


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Oh, you better watch out,
You better not pout,
You better not cry,
I'm tellin' you why ...
Santa Claus is dead!

what about the tree that was hit (an actual living thing, btw)? This story was from Pennsylvania, right? There they have 'antique bathtubs' on blocks in the front yard!

Must have been the guy whose grandmother was run over by the reindeer.

You know I dont think this is terrorism. I think this is an act of kindness.

He's all ripped up, the motor that inflates him is smashed.

And this is a bad thing?

(I didn't see any mention of crying kids, so she's fair game in my book.)

I'm constantly telling my wife that lawn decorations are a a plague on society....

...I'm glad somebody is finally doing something about it.

The car also hit a tree, a mailbox, additional Christmas decorations and an antique bathtub mounted on blocks.

I'm with Addicated here; and I'm thinkin it was the tub that tipped the balance: "Oh god...by spring there'll be petunias in the f**ker." (Aims for the 1-3 pocket...steerike!!)

Mebbe the driver thot there was a Baby Jesus somewhere around there, one that s/he could "Lordnap" ... and when there wasn't s/he drove off in a huff ...

(More later on the Huff ... which is a special type of vehicle ...)

I have an alibi. I was wiring explosives to an inflatable monstrosity in Portugal at the time.

C-bol, I did immediately suspect you, but since you have an alibi, I'll just say (along with the democrats): "Hurry up over there, and come deal with the crisis right here at home!"

Has it occured to anybody that since these Santas are inflated, and under pressure (like leetie after a grande latte), and since they are not made of an air-tight material, that they are basically producing a non-stop stream of cartoonish flatulence.

Insult to injury.

Burn the bastards.

Now see, how do they know it was a car? Couldn't it have been Santa's sleigh trashing the place because of the moronic depiction of him? Otherwise, maybe somebody pricked the inflatable globe and it just went typical pricked balloon style all over the front lawn.

This is from my hometown!!! I'm soooo excited - we've been blogged!!!
Oh, yeah . . .

I didn't do it neither. Nuh-uh.

it happened in old bethlehem, do the wise men have alibis? i mean besides christobol.

I am pleased to report that fellow Middle Tennessean George Jones (yes THE George Jones) has not one, but THREE inflatable snow globes on his lawn.

Not sure someone with your name should be going there, Crossgirl.....just sayin'.

Does he really have three, or is he just seeing three?

*Prepares for 'Below The Belt' onslaught*

Her antique bathtub and her mailbox were destroyed and all she can cry about is an inflatable doll!!!
This woman needs therapy.

And C-bol, someone anonymously reported seeing you in the area shortly before the incident occurred, so I hope you have video of yourself reading a newspaper in Portugese with the date on it - :)

Okay, this is a tragedy how?

U.O. -- If a Huff is bigger than a Hummer, then we'll be seeing one soon tooling around the streets of Sacra-tomato, with Arnie behind the wheel...

Well, I don't know about a Huff-mobile, but here's a link to one of the coolest cars ever built, the Hupmobile.

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