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December 31, 2005


Peanut butter and jelly. Laurel and Hardy. And...


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Who knew Trump needed such things to pump up his....ego. Yeah.

Oh, and FIRST! For the second time in a week.

Ah glorious spam.

As a stickler for accuracy (even though I lack a 'stickle the size of a fire hydrant' like the one my favorite author once claimed), I must point out that the text of the article refers to a "Penis Patch" rather than a "Penis Pump."
Actually, the concept of a Penis Patch is kind of amusing in its own right.

"Pen!s Patch" and all that reminds me of that old story ... (yeah, I know, everything reminds me of a story ... well, that's part of the price I pay for having lived long enuf to hear most every story ever told ...)

please don't throw me in the penis patch!

Does this mean people actually believe that Donald Trump wants them and get fooled?

judi, does Dave want any of us?

insom~ *snork*

"Complaints to AOL over spam mail have declined 75 percent since peaking in late 2003."

Is this because there has been less spam? Or because people have just giving up?

AB ... I can not honestly answer that question, 'cuz AOL is one 'net option that I have never explored ... and that policy will continue into the foreseeable future ... and beyond ...

I'm with you U.O. AOL will never touch my hard drive!

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