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December 24, 2005


This isn't it.

(Thanks to John Chambers)


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WTG, Joben ...

St. Judi ... are you hoping for such attire as part of your Christmas/whatever stack of gifts?

Might be a more appropriate prom dress...

lawschool, you beat me to it. Truth is, this dress' design is far more chaste than any prom dress I've found.

And maybe I'm kidding myself if I think my daughter won't need one or two parts of it on prom night.

Unfortunately, you have to start deconstructing the dress for any of it to be any use. .... no glove, no love and all that!

well, isnt that special.

"Young lady, that dress had better be the same length when you come home as when you leave!"

It is kinda pretty, huh?

Funny, insom!

re: the prom dress post(s)

first thing i thought of when i saw the pic was this is the

JOYCELYN ELDERS (designer edition) PROM DRESS.

Why is that creepy man touching the rubber dress?

Insom...a festive *snork* to you:)

Looks like the rubber was attached with staples and pins. the wearer better not feel safe in this.

Well, if the dress leaves tracks that you can follow to determine where she has been, you probably don't want to go there!

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