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December 29, 2005




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They should find out what Dieter's taking

"It's a wonderful feeling," said stark naked Dieter Korinke, neither shivering nor showing any signs of being cold after swimming a few laps in the freezing water. "

Its a commercial!

These guys are good. Oh yeah,


Foiled again!


penis atrophy WBAGNFA(very old)RB

"After age 40, as men age there testosterone output decreases..." and penile atrophy ensues, according to this important scientific article.

There, not their -- so, since I'm sure we can count on this completely reliable scientific article being carefully written and edited, this means men only age in that one spot?

Any males here who would care to comment?

"finding ways to slow down this process peaks the interest of scientist and baby boomers alike."

Peak: A tapering, projecting point; a pointed extremity: the peak of a cap; the peak of a roof.

Peek: To glance quickly.

Pique: To provoke; arouse: The portrait piqued her curiosity.

Mud...thanks for doing the heavy lifting on that one;) I haven't had my second cup of coffee... couldn't muster up enough grammar-based outrage to handle the task.
Lordy...I hope I'm not suffering from etymological dysfunction. (Yeah, I know...it's not really etymological, but I couldn't think of another related e-word. Caffeine...)

Thanks, mud, I was just going to make that point. Nice editing job by the PR department of ViagraWannabeInc.

what i've learned from this article, is that the men i have dated are not shockingly small, they are simply old. why is it that female anatomy does the opposite? smaller breasts would be a better look than udders. as for other areas, well smaller is considered better, right? it may be too early for this.

While I certainly would not consider a piece with such pathetic grammatical errors to be particularly trustworthy in reporting research "facts", I can't help but wonder, if there is any shred of validity to the issue, whether those of us guy types who are 57-58 years old but act as if we're 17-18 (or 7-8, according to some sources) would be exceptions to the rule... of course, without long-term measurement records covering a significant number of subjects (sadly, I have to confess that I have been lax in this area of personal history) it will not be possible for us to prove or disprove the theory. I was prepared to start a new personal study on the effects of increased sexual activity on the shrinkage problem when my wife reached for a carving knive threatening to make my interest in the subject moot...............

Can you really believe a report from people who can't spell any better than whoever wrote this one?


I am so proud of y'all ...

I was ready to climb upon my high horse and ride off in a dudgeon about the usage errors in that article, but y'all have done a mahvelous job of handling (not THAT way, TYV M ...) the task ...

HOWever, I have one other teensy question (well, nit to pick, to be honest) ...

The "article" mentions overall health ... (you could look it up) ...

I'm wonderin' whut the condition of my bibbed trousers hasta do with the subject matter ...

... except for the side openings making for an easier route of "self examination" ... that is ...


FWIW, I tried searching the legitimate biomedical literature for anything on this topic. Fair number of studies on penis size in general. Nothing on shrinkage with age.

Course, as you've already figured out, it would take a long-term study to test this. (We research types call that a longitudinal study. Har!)

"the condition of my bibbed trousers"


(increased testosterone levels in elderly men are suspected to fuel prostate growth, inc. cancer..)

But it means that if one of these hormonally crazed geezers challenges you to a pissing contest, you'll probably win!

sg -

Yep, we calls 'em "bibs" whir Ahm frum ...

And, y'all knows why a baby hasta have a bib, right? So, y'all can prolly figger out why a mature male-gender-type person needs ... um ... neveryoumind ... Ah've already gone too fur on this idea ...

Mad, qetzal, UO: excellent, just excellent:)

Sheesh. I would (not wood *snork*) have posted sooner, but I was wading through (not threw) all of the grammatical and spelling errors.


Why, thankee, ma'am! Always nice to feel appreciated.

Whoa...reducing alcohol consumption increases testosterone output? So nice guys don't always finish last. ;-)

If anybody is really interested in something that does increase hormones, do some research on DHEA.
Unless a woman is really interested in the doctor's solution--distilled pregnant mare's urine--which is not balanced, now connected with various other ailments such as heart attacks--BUT makes the pharmaceutical company richer. I have heard it works for aging males as well, but no personal experience with that. I can say it takes care of power surges, night sweats, dryness, from personal experience, and my doc is approving as long as it works. (Placebo?)

I saw a show on athletes taking maga doses, made the women grow facial hair but also claimed it made them feel and appear younger, but they were taking like 600 mg twice a day, whereas a therapeutic dose is half a 25 mg tab, according to my doc.

check it out... anybody else try it?

Bets' ---

tnx ...

We aim too, please ...




Your mention of the "reducing alcohol consumption" aspect of the subject just kinda put the capper on the whole thing -- I NEVER trust anyone who tells me there's a benefit to reducing alcohol consumption!


Careful with your aim since you've got that "shrinkage" issue....

msb ... well, now that you mention it ... I seem to recall ... um ... whut wuz I sayin' ... OH! ...

Two-hendit ... one-hendit ... Look, Ma, no hands!

Nah ... I seem to have discovered I got nothin' ... it's gotta be an age issue ... eh?

Could Sorrelex be another name for Horny Goat Weed?

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