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December 24, 2005


A boon to the short, wide glass manufacturers.

(Thanks to rick harover)


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'minds me of the time when I was still usin' my kids to fetch certain items for me ...

I told Daughter #2 to bring me "about two fingers" of ... whatever it was ... in a glass ...

She arrived with libation in glass ... about half full ... she'd held up her two fingers, vertically instead of horizontally, as most folks would do ...

And, oddly enuf, one of her many jobs now is ... bartender ...

Go figure ...

Note to self: request short squat glasses...

Interestin' that -- even with practice -- they still made the same errors ...

Which goes to prove what a coach told us ... long ago ... practicing (your mistakes) makes perfect ... mistakes ...

i just hope very few beertenders actually read that story.

hopefully this thyme of year they are too busy to read.

"I'd like a plate of Scotch please."

insom: ROFL

insom...you are in rare form tonight! How can I wrap packages when I'm busy *snork*ing???

That's why I just have them pour my bourbon onto the bar.

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