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December 26, 2005



(Thanks to Ray)


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"On the other hand, they suggested, people might simply be taking them."

Yup, that's the souvenir I always look for. A teaspoon.

Yeah, Dave ... that'd be my first guess ... or else, they're smokin' some wacky tabaccy ...

I do - you should see my drwerful of them - all in use, I might add... Spoons from Hiltons, spoons from steakhouses, spoons from Mexico.... :-) I'm a teaspoon klepto....

*waits for a study to be done on the mysterious disappearance of socks*

Well that's different.
Say, if scientest really have that much time on there hands then perhaps they should study something more "scientific", like my brother for instance.
It would be interesting seeing how they deal with him :)
But then again it might just end up being one more boring research prject with inconclusive results.
As you can see I have nothing better to do today than complain/k'vetch.
This is the most boring Monday I've seen!
well ta ta for now,
No Name

sly' --

I thot that had been cleared up ...

Socks are ... um ... sockivorous ...

They don't need to eat often, but when they do, that's why one (or more) of them disappear whilst in the dryer ...

Sorta makes ya think, about where you put your tootsies, don't it?

OK, OK...no more cheap shots at the scientific community. The article clearly states that this study appeared in the 'festive Friday edition' of the British Medical Journal. So what you have here is not a bunch of pathetic research scientists with nothing to do; it's a sparkling example of research scientists 'getting down' with some holiday high-larity.
ROTFL (well, ok, sitting in my chair smiling slightly)

i took a coffee mug from the student center at suny binghamton in 1974. there, i confess. i feel much better now. but it was a nice mug. they had bought all new ones to replace old and chipped ones. they were nice. they all disappeared in a short period of time. wonder what caused that?

I wonder if they have considered another hypothesis, based on the facts that (a)spoons disappear, and (b)coat hangers proliferate. The obvious conclusion is that the spoon is the larval stage of the coat hanger.


and here I thot that the coat hanger was the larval stage of the bicycle ... wish I could recall that old s-f story with that theme ... even the geezer-type mind can't do everything, ya know ...

Got it!

Avram Davidson ... from a review: "Or All the Seas with Oysters," tells of slightly sinister safety pin pupae, coat hanger larvae, and bicycle adults in a world where machines are more than they seem.

The story is in an anthology, Amazon, I suppose, several used copies, from $2.46 ... it's a classic ...

Here's the site (sorry, fergot how to link) if anyone's interested ...


I first read this story long ago ... long, loooonnng ago ... possibly in its first inclusion in an anthology ... as a new book ... told ya it was a long time ago ...

end of TMI ... and nostalgia trip ...

Well, said the old geezerette, at a folk show at the U of Chicago in 1960? while Bob Gibson and Bob (later to be Hamilton) Camp were vamping for time while replacing a gee-tar string, they told a variant in which they revealed (very appropriately for their audience) that the reason your closet was full of wire hangers, but you could never find a church-key, was clearly...
Actually, most of us were WAY more familiar with church-keys than hangers, but it was funny.


So ... as I recall, the "church key" in question was the actual method by which one could more easily access certain types of "holy water" ...

Which, when I think about it, faded into disuse with the advent of pop-tops ... so ... if we consider the timing of that invention ... we must assume that the development of the pop top led to the convening of Vatican II ...

I never thot of it that way before ... (and, prolly shouldn't ever again ... lightning bolts, and other such stuff could be lurking out there ...)

sly~ Ray Stevens did that one already. (scroll down to see/hear)

U.O....Brilliant!!! I never realized the link to Vatican II. But it's so obvious now: we no longer needed Keys to the Church, which clearly meant that the Church was now to be more Open to the People. And whose message was that??? It was Il Papa...the Holy Father...and what was the Vatican Guard code name for him?? "Top Pop"!!! (See minutes of secret meetings of Opus Dei.) Of course this ties in with the liturgical role of beer (see T. Geisel, "Hops On Pop")
(Someone please call the Dan Brown DeProgramming Squad...)

Oooooh, Bets' ...

You are BAD!


(Even worse'n moi ownself, possibly ...)

... and, yeah ... that "Top Pop" moniker for Il Papa was simply slangy verbal shorthand for "Tope Pope" ... which shoulda told us somethin' right from the get-go ... so ... get-go fer sum more beer! Eh?

In all matters concerning alcohol and religion, I turn to I Timothy, Ch. V, v.23 (KJV): "Take no longer water but a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities."
(...and my Bible teacher thought I wasn't doing my homework. Hah!)

... um ... Bets' ... "a little wine" ...

... um ... how much is that in metric?

U.O and ErnieG, didn't we have this discussion a few months ago? Deja Vu! And thanks to Guin for reminding me of the correct title and the amazon link! I first read the story on a Hugo awards anthology.

And as I was going to say when I first came in... Any scientific study that uses Douglas Adams as a source is alright by me!

AB -

How ya doin'?

Good to see you ... late post, so either you're still havin' problems with access or you're working fairly late or you got shut down by family/holiday committments or some combination of ingredients, not unlike a doctor's prescription ... or not ... whatever ...

... and, AB ... sorry you were feelin' poorly ... betcha Christmas feasting helped out a lot ... well ... sure hope it did ...

U.O. Well, of course biblical interpretation is fraught with conflicting views; but there are two pivotal concepts here: 1: 'for thy stomach's sake' indicates to me that you should listen to your stomach (i.e., are you throwing up yet?); and 2: 'often infirmities' suggests that you might need more than just a drop now and then.
So I'm thinkin' just go ahead and buy it in the box.

Bets' --

Dunno if you'll be back here ... comment NEway ...

That's whut My Bride (Remember Her?) does ... buys it by the box ... every Thanksgiving she tells her sister, "I'll bring the wine ..." and she does ... Good thing she brot two boxes this year ... more than 50 people showed up ... discounting the rug rats and middlin' young critters, that was still about 35 or so "adults" who found their ownselfs in various stages of "consumption" ...

Her other sister, OTOH, brings numerous bottles of "local" stuff ... I hear it's pretty decent despite that ... She's the one (the other sister) who's lotsa fun to watch, when she gets into the second case ... nothin' outrageous ... just ... more aggressively outspoken (and louder) than usual ...

Note to researchers: Check the garbage disposal.

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