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December 30, 2005



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non-native bullfrogs, which eat red-legged frogs

That happened in my neighborhood, too.

Sounds like we need a frog/worm crossbreeding program here. Won't need no stinkin' irrigation THEN!

Wonder what the environmental impact of the pipeline was.

"Before the Gold Rush, the red-legged frog was abundant throughout California."

A prime example of how we humans have ravaged ANOTHER animal species -- the logical conclusion to be made from this bit is that by mining all of the gold we have deprived them of their natural diet of gold nuggets and they have had to survive on Chicken McNuggets, which we ALL know are unhealthy. Tsk.

"Before the Gold Rush, the red-legged frogs were abundant...." Ok, now I have a headache. What does one have to do with the other? Was there some sort of odd custom whereby Gold-Rushers used bull frogs in wierd/weird dowsing activities? ( Close your eyes, think of some big, hairy manly man grasping a fat froggy by the hind legs and.....please pass the Windex.)

no, no silly, they didn't use them, they inspired them! when the frogs heard news of a gold rush, they packed up their wagons and headed for the yukon territories to seek their fortune.

Pipe was laid! *giggle* 5% of women will look at it.

Why worry about starving children when you can save the frogs?


Since this was a Federal Agency that approved this project, I wondered about a couple of details ...

Did they file for a 404 Permit?

Did the County get credit for Mitigation acres as a result?

[I know for a FACT that [at least) once when the US F&W Service had proceeded with a project, they were found in violation of the Wetlands Preservation Act because they did not file for a 404 permit ... until six months after the project was completed ... yes ... your tax dollars at work ...]

"Before the Gold Rush, the red-legged frogs were abundant...."

You see, it's a long, boring wagon train ride to California, so by the time people got there they were pretty well liquored up. They saw all the frogs, and said "look, the gold's just jumpin' around all over the place." So then they gathered the frogs up, and tried to melt them down into bars, thus reducing the frog population, and attracting hordes of French tourists.

I can't believe nobody else knew that. What are they teaching in public schools these days?


Prof ...

Not that, apparently ...

I can only hope that my money isn't going toward this foolish project. Arg.

This sounds quite anti-Darwinian to me.

"Hydrated Frogs" wNOTbagnfarb.

Heck, I lay 15 miles of pipe every night!!

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