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December 26, 2005


"This is huge - it's like finding the Titanic from a jellyfish researcher's point of view."


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The researchers had the "Knowledge they liked hanging around beachfronts." Me too.

Ahh, the stinger season, my favorite season of all....

So ... why was a jellyfish researcher looking for the Titanic?

Besides which, I thot someone already found it ...

or ...

did they lose it again ... ???

I've always wanted to dive off the coast of Australia, in the Great Barrier Reef, but these irukandji jellyfish freak me out. As small as a thimble, completely transparent, and they swim fast -- they don't just drift. I recently saw a Discovery Channel show called "Killer Jellyfish" where a couple of researchers got stung by one (the woman just barely got brushed by a tentacle on her hand) -- and then they spent 2 weeks in the hospital, with what the narrator repeatedly described as "the worst pain of your life," or "an endless staircase of unimaginable pain."

Err...no thanks.

Wavey, I saw the same program the other night. They said that they were giving her the highest dose of morphin possible and she was still in agony. I never wanted to go diving, but it now just reaffirms my fear of swimming in open water.

But I didn't know that I could call that research... First!

Jellyfish Jackpot - GNFA Aussie game show?

I saw that Killer Jellyfish documentary. The thing that freaked me out the most, is when they showed that one girl who had been stung (she was the assistant of the main researcher)...There was this shot of her lying down on this hospital bed and the camera started on her bare feet, twisting and digging into the bed. and when the camera zoomed out, you could see how much agony she was in. it was horrible. her legs were writhing up and down, and she was crying and rubbing her face.
it freaked me out for days!

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