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December 23, 2005


Have you been writing headlines again, sir?

(Thanks to Bryce Donovan)


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I'm off to the FA meeting!

Thanks for sharing, sg.

At least Gene didn't include the "large moons" in the headline too.

Not to be completely clueless, but I don't get the Gene Weingarten reference. I'm sure once I find out, I'll kick myself for missing the obvious.

Also, if the headline had omitted the word 'Planet', it would have been so much more risible.

Great word, KOW.

I like Gene's writing. It's a lot like Dave's, but different.

Of course, Dave has that whole South Florida vibe workin' through his writing, and Gene is up in the Frozen North somewhere (D.C. or NY or somewhere where man was never supposed to live...) so maybe that's it.

Gene Weingarten is D. Barry's finding and former editor in the Miami newspaper. Weingarten is currently reigning at the Washington Post in the "Below the Beltway" column and has a weekly online chat.

Merry Bears/Packers Game to all and to all a goodnight.

Dave R...here in the frozen north we would normally look forward to the Christmas game...but now we live in fear and trepidation.

What about the next Giants game on Monday Night Football? Not only does it mark the end of an era (ABC showing us games for free, as MNF moves to cable next season), the Giants have banned all alcohol sales inside the stadium! When it is 8 degrees, what fun is there in just sitting watching a football game?
Gettings a Diet Coke (tm) spilled on you by a rowdy fan just doesn't carry the same sense of anger....

psssst, PB - thermos.

I know this response is a long time in coming (curse all the parties with the overeating and the drinking. 'tis a hardship really), but thank you Mr. C and LabSpec. In true fashion, I am kicking myself because there was a link on him in the past two weeks or so. I'll just blame the alcohol saturation, sleep deprivation and the panic that comes with having to shop on the last two days of the Xmas season.

Huh-uh, huh-uh, he said "Uranus", huh-uh-huh.

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