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December 29, 2005


Things are getting nasty.


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They are welcome to him . . .

I read the article, came up with a comment and was prepared to be FIRST, but apparently not, so I'm taking my toys and going home - hmmmph!

*wonders if Istarn read the whole article*

okay so a guy walks into a bar....

OK, does "under-recoveries" mean they're selling gas at a loss - I bet not, otherwise they'd just stop exporting to Sri Lanka, wouldn't they?

So, in other words, they're still making a profit, and just being prevented from making multi-billion dollar profits at the expense of consumers...

hmmmmm - not a bad idea - too bad our Pres is an oil man

"However, petroleum ministry officials are concerned as the arrears that have piled up are impacting the liquidity of IOC."

Somehow that's just disgusting...


nice site, good work

I'm assuming this was posted because of the word "prick" in the headline, not for the very interesting economic theories that are being followed in Sri Lanka. GOOD, I was scared for a moment. Besides, from what I've seen, the oil business is full of pricks.

geez Pete - I completely missed the headline

*wanders off in search of stronger coffee*

"The Sri Lankan government is forcing Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) to sell petrol and diesel in the Emerald Island"

What does the Sri Lankan govt have to do with the price of diesel in Ireland?

And what does the International Olympic Committee have to do with the price of oil?

... and ...

However, petroleum ministry officials are concerned as the arrears that have piled up are impacting the liquidity of IOC.

Non-liquid oil ... ?

Wouldn't that be ... tar? Or Asphalt? Or Macadam?

Does this mean that the prexy of IOC is putting his pr!ck on the pavement?

Won't that hurt?

One may only hope ...

isn't non-liquid petroleum Vaseline?

and wouldn't that make putting his prick on the pavement less painful?

OK, this article is starting to make sense to me (coffee must be strong enough)

Well, Vaseline (tm) is touted as "petroleum jelly" ... so ... if it's "jelly" that means it sorta "in between" a condition of "hard" and "wet" and ... um ... nevermind ..

Yeah, how did Sri Lanka get to be the Emerald Isle (in addition to already being Ceylon and Serendip)?

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