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December 29, 2005


(Thanks to "Richard Hunt")


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Today's posts are making me question my womanhood. This is not funny. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

But...FIRSTs make me feel better!

And they spent how much to gain this insight? They were observing from which galaxy?

Regarding viewing of online porn, the article quotes the pollster Fallows as saying:
"This area is notoriously difficult to measure and may be underreported by survey respondents."
I've read that Mohammed remarked that nine out of every ten men masturbate...and the tenth man is a liar.

This article sucks!

My friend, CG, who is a guy knows a lot less about everything about computer stuff, firewalls, etc., than I do, and I don't even know a lot. And I use the computer for more stuff than he does.
Wait - who does it count against when he tells/asks me to find stuff for him??

Now I'm confused...

Stupe' ... the way I heard it was "99 out of 100" ... and the rest ...

Key Quote: (also credits to Stupe'):

In addition, 21 percent of males confess to looking at porn online compared with just 5 percent of females, the Pew survey has found. This area is notoriously difficult to measure and may be underreported by survey respondents, Fallows said.

Gee, Ya think?

Oh, no ... I just subscribe (log on) for the news and articles ...

Yeah, right ...

... which, BTW, brings up another whole set of mental imagery ... when one thinks about it ...

I mean ... guys (as reported by the survey) are much more likely to "log in ... log out ... log in ... log out ... log in ..."


... unless, of course, it's an older male-gender-type person, with conditions described in the "Shrinkage" thread ...

then it would more like ... "twig in ... twig out ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... twig in ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... twig out ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... dang! ..."

U.O. - Surely you remember the young gentleman who offered the young lady his honor, and then all night long it was on 'er, and off 'er...

Absotively, Pogo.

Posilutely ...


"Today's posts are making me question my womanhood. This is not funny. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

NiB, Nooooo....all this proves is that women like cool toys, and cool stunts, just as much as men.

And also, that if we pour champagne on our white t-shirts, we can still make 'em turn off their computer porn and party with us!

Whether or not that's something we want is whole different question. :)

I just don't know if I would admit to surfing for porn to someone with the Pew survey. It sounds a bit too churchy for my comfort. (Is churchy a word? Guess it is now.)

Anyway, as a female, I have it on good authority (that is, my own and that of many friends/family/coworkers/etc.) that more of us are visually stimulated and maturbate and all that good stuff (yes, good), than we as a gender willingly admit. Believe me, back in the day, my boyfriends weren't always witty conversationalists. But, boy, were they eye candy. :)

At home, we just call him Dick.


Mike Hunt
(Dick's brother by another mother)

Say, Mike, were you named after the Lloyd Bridges character on the old TV show Sea Hunt?

sm - I think his mother named him as she was giving birth.

Noob - I hear ya! If I want decent conversation, I go to my girlfriends....or this blog. If I want eye candy, I go.... shoot, got no place to go at the moment...sigh. Somebody please tell me where to go.

Ophelia... feast your eyes babe! Welcome to the gun show ladies!

i'm free new year's eve.

"men tend to be attracted to online activities that are far more action-oriented, while women tend to value things involving relationships or human connections,"

God, I almost hurt myself rolling my eyes after reading that sentence.

Only 5% of women look at porn?

Yeah, riiiiiight.

if you call it performance art, is it still porn?

ummm, i'm glad i have the power to edit ;)

... um ... St. Judi ... um ... ... nevermind ...

"(Is churchy a word? Guess it is now.)"

Churchy may or may not be a word (I'm OK with it), but it's definitely the name of a character in the old comic strip Pogo. (Since we have a Pogo amongst our commenters here, I say we should allow it.)

Kev, thanks. I feel validated now. :)

Noob ... yes, there was Churchy LaFemme ,,, and the word its ownself is also quite acceptable ... it might be considered somewhat slangy, but I know that it is entirely within the limits of "proper usage" when an adjective ...

Mr. LaFemme's name was Walt Kelly's bit of amusing satire as he named the turtle with a slightly mis-pronounced version of the French cherchez la femme ... altho I can't claim to be sure of his purpose, Churchy was always a funny guy ...

Um, our Miss Judy poses eternally with her beloved oosik but she doesn't want Noob & Dread talking about D**k Sickles? How odd, but whom are we to argue? Censorship is a powerful (and scary) thing.

We now return you to your regular programming...

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