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December 29, 2005



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Would someone please neuter these dogs?

Making another baby will bring them together. Having another baby, not so much.

Mike and pogo, you said it all. Though they could get the family group rate on therapy now.

Good for the kid(s) to have an ally though, right?

Well 2006 is now ruined.

Just when you think Britney could not possibly get any dumber, you read something like Spears reportedly is hoping for a girl this time around, and is actually thinking that another baby will help smooth out her rocky relationship with Federline. “She is hoping another baby will strengthen her marriage to Kevin,” another friend told the mag.

Yeah, way to make good life choices, Brit.

it worked out so good for his last wife that she wants to try it herself?

and who in the love of all that is normal, WANTS to get pregnant three months after delivering the first?!?!

Kid number two? K-Fed must really enjoy having to explain which "baby momma" belongs to his growing pile of offspring.

The subheading had me all excited:

"Plus, Nicole Kidman wants to beat ex-husband"

Yes! I'd love to beat that smarmy little creep with his irritating smirk. Then I read the rest of the subhead:

"...to the altar"

If it's true that people learn from their mistakes, Ms. Spears is destined to become a very wise woman.




OK, I'm all better now.

qetzal: I'm with you. Beating Tom Cruise has been on the top of my "to do" list for months and I would gladly assist the lovely Ms. Kidman anytime. Actually, she doesn't need to be present as I wouldn't be doing it just for her, anyway.....
Sometimes it just doesn't pay to read the WHOLE sentance. Now that I have, I'm depressed and hoping Tom will send me some of those magic "vitamins" he wants us gals to take. uh, on second thought, no thanks. I all ready did the stupid & pregnant thing 30 years ago.

k-fed must belong to the "keep 'em barefoot and pregnant and off of the charts" school...

hopelessly stranded in the BOLD TYPE dimension, our fearless heros decide to give up on trying to save the world, and get drunk instead. "What the hell" they said, "the world'll still need savin' tomorrow, right?"

Just because he looks like a weasel doesn't mean he needs to breed like one. Oy vey.

wait! this is GOOD NEWS!! he leaves 'em after the 2nd baby!!!! now we can get back to ignoring cher and barry!!!

help!!! my !!!!! won't shut off!!!!!

With K-fed's record to date, if Brit does get pregnant, then I give the marriage 6 months max. He doesn't seem to be able to make it through a second pregnancy. At that point, he'll have fathered 4 children in under 5 years. We can only hope that that's enough for him.

Also, I read the subtitle as "Nicole Kidman wants to beat ex-husband". I could understand that. Totally.

Does that help?

Guess who posted before she read the comments. But it seems I'm among like-minded folks, so I'm sure that's fine.

Having said all of that... keeping Brit off the music charts means that not everything Feder-snot has done is bad.

Let me add my name to the growing list of those who mis-read the Nicole Kidman item. Oh the pain of having one's hopes raised so high, and then dashed so cruelly!!!

S'OK, Kafaleni. We'll hold him. You can have first shot at him. (Nicole's ex. Or K-fed, for that matter. Heck, how 'bout a double?)

K-slime is merely acting on genetic instinct ... i.e. propagation of the species ...

So ... can NEone stop him? Please?

propagation of the species

exactly WHICH species are we talkin' about here?

please, please, let me beat them up.

It's a mutant species, for sure. *shudder*

If it weren't for the food and family, I'd be ashamed to admit I hail from Louisiana as does the aptly initialed B.S., just not as close to New Orleans.

I wonder when (not if) Britney will start holding casting tryouts for the role of "Daddy"?

I can just see the ad in Variety now:

"Those who attend the open-call casting session, which will be conducted at Malibu Motel-6, are asked to bring an 8x10" picture of me (Which won't be returned), a box of jelly doughnuts, and be prepared to demonstrate their best beat-boy dance moves in under 3 minutes time."

Oh, wait! That was the ad for Madonna'S dance crew.


noob ~ I also hail from (and live in) Louisiana, and I'm not at all ashamed to admit it.

Course, I don't live in BS's town.

Don't you all realize - she wants to get pregnant NOW so she can get baby-making over and then return PERMANENTLY to her career.

I hope I didn't just ruin 2006 for you all.

Given the rapidly changing nature of life in the "pop culture" world, after she takes another time-out for pregnancy, in another 10 months, the burning question on any intelligent person's lips will be:

Britney who?

Well, his aforementioned website does say "I'm coming... 2006", and now we know where as well as when.

Ya know....there's really only one thing worse than stupid people breeding. That's WEALTHY stupid people breeding. They have the resources to indulge each and every moronic desire they or their children might have. That leads to things like people buying a Hummer. Or a particular white guy's desire to have a hip-hop album. Geez.

Plus, at some point, it's tough to tell which is the parent and which is the child. At least based on behavior. :)

oooh... oooh... oooh!!

A twofer!!

But my aim isn't very good. I might need lots of bullets. Hell, even if I get them the first time, I'll still probably use all the bullets. I think I should, really

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