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December 16, 2005



(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Ok, Dave and Judi, we just got back on....we don't want to have to register!!! ;)

Or, is it just me?


Registration site. Phooey. judi, why are you registered to a sleazy site?

Ha Ha! took me a while to figure out, but that's almost as good as www.penisland.com (which the Blog posted a while back).

Phooey again. I can't open the comment thread about the French guy who met his mother on the internet. I wanted to see what you guys said about me after I went to bed. ;-)

To "whom" it may concern...pretty clever.




A new low - like everyone else, I thought it was gonna be well, you know, trashy. But it was way worse. Agents! Why did it have to be agents! the horror! You need to warn us before we click on sites like this.

Cute! I openend that link with much trepidation, prepared to flee & soak my eyeballs, and I had to laugh at myself . . . guess I still have a dirtier mind than I'd like to admit . . .

"I'll take 'swords ' for $100"

"That's " 'S'words", Mr. Connery."

so, did anyone actually register n pay?

(the above "yay" should be understood to mean a new post and it's accessibility.. not commentary concerning the reg. site. tyvm)

Mr. Insomniac;

Suck it, Trebeck. Suck it long, suck it hard.

Not one for the ladies, are you, Trebeck? Go ask Burt Reynolds, or French Stewart.

Meanwhile, I will take "Movies Which I Have Appeared In" for $10,000, Alex, you half-witted son of an Irish sheep-setter.

Note to Teri:
signing off with with a web addy makes us think you're a spambot. We scan past and say, hey, this person just signed off with a name and an addy, they must be a spambot, and don't actually read the comment. Just leave it linked through your name (the blue thing that says when you posted) and it'll be good.

Hmmm . . . sounds like Mr. Connery has some "issues" to me.

So ... why would this seem odd, after all?

Aren't "agents" often considered to be "hoors" ??? (To give it the Canadian accent, so as to avoid the robots ...)

OK ... Trivia time!

Sorta related to at least one or six threads of the last few days ... Christmas ...

WARNING: Knowing the answer to this question will ensure your admission on the Geezer Bus. (If you saw the TV show when it happened, you can sit right behind the driver.)

Who sang this version of the familiar Christmas Novelty song?

Oh, you better watch out,
You better not pout,
You better not cry,
I'm tellin' you why ...

Santa Claus is dead!

(Hey! I din't sing it ... don't kill the messenger ... I'm just askin' if you remember who did ...)

U.O.-SNL during the first year? I'm thinking Gilda Radner or Jane Curtain.

This leaves me with some unanswered questions: first of all, what type of present would you buy a ho? A stack of 20's all gifted wrapped? And second of all, can you find out here how who represents the whores getting these presents? Is there a pimp directory for

Ahh! first post ever.

What I meant was, is there a pimp directory for these people? Just wondering.

grr ... html.

Sherbert - First of all welcome and yes there are pimp directories of a kind in "the business." Some agents will carry big three ring binders with head shots and resumes of the individuals that they represent. At least that was 5-10 years ago. Now they probably have a powerpoint presentation.

And congrats on the linking. Like a car wreck I feel the need to go look at the Twit's tshirt collection.

Oh, you better watch out,
You better not pout,
You better not cry,
I'm tellin' you why ...

Santa Claus is dead!

Smothers brothers? I FEEL like I'm drivin the bus...

Shhh, Bumble's here....don't want her to know what was said about her after she went to bed. ;)

Just kidding, B...unless it's a conspiracy against the two of us, I don't think the mommy/son thread is available.

That URL reminds me of one I saw on a truck about a year ago; the company was called "Landpro Creations," but their URL, www.landprocreations.com, looked a lot like "Land Procreations" when it was all one word.

I also remember selling magazines when I was in high school, and one of the titles for sale was a skiing one called "Snotrack." I realize that it was actually pronounced SNO-track, but every time we looked at it, our sophomoric minds (yes, we were sophomores) thought it was SNOT-rack.

Sorry Monk, Bamadano got it ... Tommy sang it, and Dickie was his usual, sane, critical, snobbish (but incredibly funny) self ... I laughted at the strait man as much as I did at the doofus ... (You remember which was which, right? Heck, yes, you can drive the bus while I nap -- behind the wheel ...)

I really like the Ingleside Vineyards, who apparently were rather shocked when somebody pointed out the alternate meaning of their URL:


Or the Cumming First Methodist Church:


Too bad the supposed Italian site for PowerGen at http://powergenitalia.com/ doesn't work any more.

Hoo Hah!

this opens up an entire new realm of funniness I'd never thot about before ... I watch for billboard or ads or other pix/wording that has multiple connotations, but never considered what these addys can do ...

Wowser! Gonna hafta start reading more email addresses, just for laffs ...

It's like that artisanal bread, where I was all, "What? Art is anal? What's that got to do with bread?"

Yeah, gw ... if someone is trying for breeding artisanally, they're doing it worng ...

The letters in WhoRepresents can be rearranged to spell . . . Oh, what is the point? It is funnier arranged that way

we've blogged the last two before, (-\-).

not sure i get the IPwine one.


There's a barbeque restaurant near my house, owned by a man named Herb - would his website be
If so, I think I'll pass...

lol, funny :)

I'll take "The Penis Mightier" for $200.

Alex, If you've got a Penis Mightier, you better not be holding out on me.

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