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December 08, 2005


Dear Scott --
Contrary to what this guy told you, I never gave him a foil. I don't even
HAVE foils. And even if I did, I wouldn't give him one.
Warmest Human Regards,
Dave Barry

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson for the link to Scott's blog)


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Thanks for the link, Jeff.

"All your foils are belong to us." ~ Walter

Note: three links
curses foiled again

You gave me a foil, Dave. It was in 1987, after a talk you gave in Poughkeepsie. Don't you remember? You were so funny it killed me.

MOTW - Fantastic links! I soooo gotta try that at the office.

Dead Guy - I think it was technically called an epee./a>


Now I feel stupid for giving that other guy my shoes. He swore to me that you gave him yours. Man, if you can't trust complete strangers, who can you trust?

Live and learn.

Scott Adams

I just want to know what kind of job you have to have to get two flat screen monitors, and if you don't get dizzy looking at them.

MOTW - I've seen that link "foiled" before, but I never saved it and it's fun to see it again - thanks! :)

We're all thinking it, I'm gonna say it. This blog waaaay outrocks that blog. I mean, Dilbert is nice and all, but.... "Snorkage Rules!"


it sounds good at the time...guess I was overcome with holiday blog spirit.

Jacki--as far as I'm concerned, the guy can keep his 2 flat screens so long as I can have a job that will give me time to completely foil-wrap a co-worker's cubicle!

Maybe start carrying around a fencing foil and whip it out like Zorro..uh, the foil..

Well, beyond being humor blogs, they're both rather different; Dave's blog has links to funny things on the web, and Scott's blog has Scott's "humor columns." However, the comment section on this blog is much better, because comments on the Dilblog require somebody to check them before they're posted. So, you don't get the little conversations going back and forth because of the long lag between submission and posting.

considering you didnt know what a foil is, why would you give him one anyway?
dave foils dilbert wbagnfarb? dilbertfoils? i dunno.

Here's what I always do in that situation.

I carry around a sack full of eyeballs taken from failed gazelle-in-a-goat cloning attempts.

Then, when someone asks me for a foil, or an autograph, or directions to the john, I happily say "SURE!" and hand them one of the eyeballs.

They're too embarrassed that they don't know what it is, or that they asked the wrong question, or something, so they just pocket it and back away.

Granted, I've never actually been in one of these situations, so a lot of this is based on conjecture.

How did I know, before I got to the name at the bottom, that this particular entry was from Christobol?


test post



Thanks for keeping an eye out for us.

And Sandy Duncan says thanks, too!

Sammy Davis Jr thanks you too.

Oh, jeez....

testing. Please just ignore this entire post.

Why are we test posting?

Dave, I think Scott and yourself misunderstood.

You've given me FOILs just about everytime I've seen you in person:


Atleast the guy made you out to be more important to Scott Adams! I mean, heck, if Dave Barry could give me something, why can't YOU?! :)

Test Post

Dave, the Blog, posts an item called Sign of Armagedon No. 4036. You
a.) happily click on the item then rush to the comment section.
b.) hover the mouse pointer suspiciously looking for a barry.net trick.
c.) click, then hurry to click the back button and comment that Dave got you again.
d.) click, and curl up in a corner rocking and moaning. "No, no, no, not Manilow and Cher together. No. The end is near."

Hey ladies you're my inspiration. I just did a little HTML. I feel so edumacated.

Can I do lesson two?

teste post.

well done monkeyshines. I'd give you a *golf clap* but I think someone might turn that into something very very not what I would have intended.

Success, and I will now stop and go back to my paper.
Thanks, for all the lessons, I also got help from here.

*licks gold star and sticks it to monkeyshines forehead*

Let's try here.

And thank you Wolfie. Okay, what's a *golf clap*? Do they use the clubs? That could hurt no matter how it was intended.


Scott gets a sh*tload of comments on his blog. Like 500 for his almost weekly "please complete my cartoon" posting. Also, in the past few days, Scott has taught us to be funny and how to dance. What have you done for us lately?


The Bloglits

His Royal Daveness dazzles us with the nearness of his glory and infinite use of the supreme booger. What more do you really need Brad?
Also, I already know how to dance, so Scotts lessons were superfluous.
monkeyshines ~ I'm hoping it's not as painful as the ballwasher sounds(and I don't even have any).

Walter - that sounds like a military command.

Testes, post!

Whereever U.O. may be right now, I'm sure he'd rather be here.


Does Scott give a forum where you can learn a new skill and the other commenters help you? Or can you completely digress to childhood songs and gift giving suggestions? Hey, he's one of my favorite cartoonists, but....

monkeyshines ~ are you from Chicago?

And, someone is forging the Bloglits' names!

Also, Booger! at Brad.

hah-only if you mean the musical.

Calling all bloggers, I needs some help. There was a song released in about 2000 that had a guy talking about his life being better with this string of women. I thought one of the lines was "little more monica's what i need" but I can't find it. Using it in my paper.
Thank you.

Tee hee! That test tickles.

*has second thoughts about posting such tasteless comments*

monkey - BTW, that's Mambo #5 by Lou Bega

Crap Brainy, you beat me to it. That's the last time I preview post...Sigh.

I'm sorry. That wasn't meant as a challenge to to Dave, or to imply that Dave isn't as cool as Scott. He could just answer that he posted a picture of a walrus penis or linked to a few boobs and that would be fine. I'm not really even keeping score. But dammit, Scott did manage to demystify dancing for me this week. I always thought the secret was enough alcohol to make half the girls look hot and it turns out it's moving your hips. Whoulda thunk?

Annie (and all ...)

Yeah, I'd rather be here ... it was a long day, and I'm really tired, so nothing much is happening in the funny/haha part of my brain ... or even in the dryly-sardonic-witty part, either ...

Almost fell asleep @ the keyboard ... keep up the good work ... I'm goin' to bed ...

Mebbe I'll catch up on the weekend ...

"Mambo #5"

Brainy - Thank you, I knew the music was a big band style dance tune. If I could I would make you some cookies.

Thanks anyway. Besides, I already brushed my teeth. ;) Glad to help.

"Little bit of southerngirl in the sun..."

cookies for everyone.

You too, Brad. And I'm glad you've got dancing down.


monkeyshines ~ I think "hah" might have been referring to your comment, "you're my inspiration"

Am I right?

G'night, U.O.!

I'm outta here, too!

Brad ~ it's cool, man, it's all cool.

If you're ready to pledge allegience to His Royal Highness Dave.

Brainy!! Uh... I'm, uh....are you stalking me???

*casually saunters......RUNS away!!!*

Monkeyshines - "Teste post" refers to what I am - a post for testes.
Brainy - good 'tickle' quip - you have been sharp lately! Perhaps you should be "Brainier Jello", not to be confused with the pseudo-famous "Brainerd Cello" used by Wayne Newton. Butt I should stick to the point.

Walter - and well you are that post to which you refer
and a better post than most.


*zips in*
monkeyshines LOVES HTML!!!

And does the hat trick: italics, bold, and linking!


I wish I could be as bold... ;)

My ex-gf subscribes to the "never hurts to ask" school of thought. I'm sitting here trying to think of examples of the kind of thing she's asked people to do, but they are such other-worldy requests that they don't even fit in my brain-meats as memories. Mega-Bloks ideas in a Lego mind.

The recurring request that does stand out involves the concept that the vast fleet of cars, vans and trucks that inhabit our neighborhood are all eagerly standing by, along with their drivers, to help move some clumsy new piece of furniture either towards or away from her current place of residence. All she has to to is...get me to ask.

I'm Sorry. I probably said you gave him a foil on my blog. Trust everything you read.

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