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December 24, 2005


...from the s.b. (and the people who created this)


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Cool beans, judi (you rock!). Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever makes you merry, everyone!

thank you! (but what's s.b.? santa blog? I'm so new to this....)

Merry Christmas, Judi!

sb=stealth blogerette (Judi)

Leetie...Thank you for taking me by the hand and leading me deeper into the world of the blog. There's no turning back now, is there? I'm lost to the Real World.

Thank heavens!

I couldn't stop watching the white one.

Realio, trulio, neat-o of wishes ...

Tnx muchly, St. Judi ...

MC/whatever, to you and yours ...

I can no longer listen to Bing Crosby without also hoping to hear, "Now, step into the library, son..."

Merry Holidays, Dave, Judi, and fellow blog-addicts!

isn't it ironic?

i mean, really. is it? or, isn't it?

that i was just thinking of this very thing.

i am, at the very most, agnostic. (like the dyslexic, insomniac, agnostic, i lay awake at night wondering if there really is a dog-even when the little bugger is snoring at my feet.)

anyway, i don't even use the term "Xmas" in place of Christmas. my catholic/parochial school upbringing left me absolutely in opposition to organized religion. but the reason for the season in the USA is the celebration (timely or not) of the birth of Christ. i love and admire our Jewish neighbors and do not ever desicrate theri beliefs or traditions but

"so this is Christmas...'

it is. and to those whose beliefs are not centered on the Christian tradition, well, my wife's Jewish inlaws celebrate the spirit of Christmas ('course they are the ones who brought the spiral cut honey ham to Thanksgiving dinner so maybe they aren't any more jewish than i am catholic)

so anyway

Merry Christmas to ALL

even if you don't celebrate Crhistmas there is a message for everyone and it is a holiday of significance for every one, believer or not.

And if you want to track Santa's progress, what better place than NORAD?

Merry Christmas, Blogsters!!!!

Rick - "...wondering if there really is a dog..."


Merry Merry everyone!

I love it. merry christmas to all and to all a good night

Judi, my kids, husband and I were all ROTFL! Very cool. Especially the white one.

Have a great Christmas, y'all!

Judi...OK, so now I have to watch this during those odd moments when I'm not occupied watching Kikkoman Fight.

To quote Louisa May Alcott, "What riches!!!"


:-( Can't listen to it; my nephew's in the next room and he's supposed to be going to sleep, though he's actually talking about toys and Santa and singing all the nursery rhymes he knows at the top of his lungs. Anyway, if any of you are still up, Merry Christmas!!!

Bea -

MC and all that ... give your nephew a hug from a surrogate sorta spare ... Uncle/Grandpa ... whatever ...

You might suggest that Santa is my uncle ... well, great-uncle ... and I might put in a good word for him ... (This premise works with some little kids I've met ... for a bit of time ...)

Happy New Year, also ...

Merry Christmas judi! I hope Dave puts a big fat bonus in your stocking!

Way cool video, obviously those guys over there in Budapest are have a lot going for themselves. I vaguely remember this doo-wop version from hanging around my high school's Teen Canteen ca. 1959 (the adults who were running us actually let us smoke in there, God bless them), and would be very grateful if some musicologically-oriented reader could remind me of the artists and year. Is this somehow inspired by the Marcels' insanely great version of Cole Porter's "Blue Moon"??

very cool video, and a blessed christmas to you judi - great rendition! may all your christmas wishes come true..

Dana -

Try the Drifters ... album available @ Waldo's, $5.68 ... I dismember if this is the one to which you refer, but I think it's the most likely ...

MC there, geezer ... from another ...

Ho, Ho, Ho to all! Thanks for everthing Judi!

U.O~ Thanks. Tell Santa to check out my amazon wishlist. I've been a very good girl. ;-)

For all you FireFox proponents, I'm using it on my sister/bro-in-law's computer, and half the time when I try to come to the blog, it just up and closes my window by itself. I think I'll stick with explorer. Only does that with the blog so far though. Maybe it's trying to tell me something. :-)

I love it! Already passed it on to a number of people.

Hope you and your family have a really Merry Christmas, Judi.

Too cute! Thank you and merry Christmas, Judi! :-)

The more times we watch this video, the cooler it becomes!

Love the white one when he wags his deer (not not dear?) little tail!

Merry Christmas!!!!

PirateBoy, Mrs. PirateBoy, and the PirateCat

A day late, but no less sincere.... A very Merry Christmas to The Blog, Judi, U.O., Elle, Cyn, Guin, and all of the bloglits that make my evenings so entertaining!

Merry Belated Christmas to all! Hope it was wonderful!

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