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December 21, 2005


Look no farther.

(Thanks to Sarah K. Steiner)

Advisory: This gift concept is so different that you probably should not actually click on the link.


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Why not just use a marker and write "moron" on her forhead?

Brainy: to pqrqphrase Muhammad Ali, she couldn't spell cat if you spotted her the C and the A.

Brainy - That might be stating the obvious.


I'm just saying the marker has got to be cheaper, but you get the same effect.

Maybe if you wrote it backwards, so it would be easier to read in a mirror..

Dave's bored!

Write a column Dave - puh-leese!!! :)

Ow, ugh and eww.

Brainy - what makes you think she can read?

I liked how she was using a special cream to get rid of the insertion scar, because, duh, we wouldn't want anything unsightly, would we?

So, if some thug follows you down a dark alley you can simply turn around and bang your chest against his face?

Gee, kinda delivers a mixed message.



What do you expect from the innovators who brought you eyelid piercing?

It also begs the quesiton, where does she work that she readily gets time off to go and do something like that?


That makes my sternum hurt just looking at it. Especially when I try to figure out how you can do any aerobic activity at all because gravity will cause them to slide down her torso.


Hi honey ! Just for you I implanted brass knuckles in my chest and had my hymen re-hymed..What do you think ?

I'd say just hit her with the brass knucks and put us all out of our collective misery.




This is gona keep me up tonight...
not horror or shock precisely...

"Why would someone think this was a good idea?"

...that question going round and round in my brain.

Reading the comments on that page makes me realize there is a whole lot about the world of which I am unaware. What the hell is straight edge and what, if anything, does if have to do with getting fake knuckles implanted in one's chest?

according to other posts there it doesnt have anything to do with straightedge.


basicaly it's just another one of those codes of dress and behavior kids conform to in order to express their individuality (see Goth).
The irony of that description was entirely intentional.

*joins Jacki in the VERY blissfully ignorant club.*

You know...When I get next to my sweety, I don't want to be getting all intimate and then kissing brass knuckles under her skin..Just me but kind of a turn off..

A number of words spring to mind, but 'nasty,' 'horrible,' and 'absolutely friggin' disgusting' just don't seem to cover it somehow. Is this supposed to be a turn on? What, did the plastic surgeon stop his special for looking like you got kicked in the face by a horse?
Steve Sharam

Man, they have some angry posts on that page. CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG??

Joben... thanks for the link. I was sitting here saying, "Straight Edge? Edge? WTF do rulers and U2 have to do with this?!"

And by the way... this woman has officially lost any right to yell at someone for staring at her chest...

Do you suppose they use a level to get it straight?



Please be a joke!


I bet they can do cookie cutter shapes, too! For the holidays!!

Now if she would just get one of those tongue splitting operations & attach a (frickin') laser beam to her forehead, she would indeed be the girl to take home to mom.

Maybe they do need to bring back the draft, as some youngsters seem to have too much free time.

brass knuckles? it would make more sense if it was a tribute to her favorite team.

I knew what straightedge is. Some forms of it can be a bit fanatical but, hey, kids could be into worse things.
But I don't get how this is related to it. Can somebody explain the connection?

I agree with trigger's comment on the link page. Even obvious to a horse.

Someone needs to knuckle down and stop this before it spreads and infects more youth. Maybe all we Bloglets could shoot her a piercing gaze?

Or maybe she could hook up with that "snake man" (The guy who split his tongue and put ridges under the skin on his forehead). That way, they could "get their freak on", literally.

Imagine being able to bring your parents in for show and tell day....

I'm curious why they stopped with brass knuckles. I'm sure somebody out there wants one of These Babies

"Someone in this town
Is trying to burn the playhouse down
They want to stop the ones who want
Prosthetic foreheads on their heads
But everybody wants prosthetic
Foreheads on their real heads"

-They Might Be Giants

People are even weirder than I imagined.

If a daughter of mine asked for brass knuckle implants, she'd get a trip to the psychiatrist instead. . . unless we were Scientologists, in which case she would get lots and lots of vitamins instead.


DON'T follow the "Next" link at the end of the comments section, or ewwww!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas, Blog!

Yeh actualy thats a good point...NSFW and rather scary stuff is just a click or two away on that site...

probably should be a notice on the blog entry.

Targetgirl - Did you post a They Might Be Giants song here 'cause you know it's one of Judi's favorite bands?

Mr. C~

No, actually I didn't know Judi was a fan (though it makes me like her all the more). I posted it because the weird knuckle implants just reminded me of the lyrics in that song. They too illustrate the inherent weirdnesses of people... which both fascinate and horrify me. We are surely a most unique species!

Cheers~ Tgtgrl

Joben Thanks for the defination and the description...lol. Best I've ever heard it put.

beyond disgusting. beyond stupid. ewww.

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