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December 22, 2005


They are so easy.

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr, who could easily be a victim)


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I'm impressed they managed to give such a detailed description of the women.

I'm sure they noticed other distinguishing characteristics which couldn't be published in a family newspaper.

Sketch artist: "OK, so, now focussing above the waist, was she more like Miss October, here, or Miss November?"

... uh ... Oh! ...

s'cuse me ... I was lookin' at somethin' else ...

Any women in the New England region, I think we may need to get in on this.

P.S. Can you imagine the line-up???

if they're arrested, the 'line-up' should be well-attended!

"Number 4, could you stick your chest out more please?"

"Number 6, could you lick your lips some more?"

"Hey, I didn't say the robbers licked their lips!"

"Shut up!"

So ... if such a lineup were to actually happen ... would there possibly be other "lines" up?

Next headline: Cops Round Up Record Number of Suspects For Lineup.

The cops should take some tips from the breast painter (see previous thread). They could try to use the old finger print method but instead have the women....never mind.

snork @ insom!

Police sketch: Be on the lookout for:

( o )( o )

What the hell are you talking about? I'm always on the lookout for that, Sarge.

Anyone here watch Reno 911? The pilot episode will give you some insight as to how that lineup may go.

OK, the article didn't say whether or not these girls are hot - now we don't know whether being flashed was the best part of being mugged, or the worst...

no brass knuckles?

Honestly Officer, all I remember is her two big brown eyes. They were mezmerizing!

"...although she mighta had allergies or something...they were really swollen"

I am woman, hear me roar
I am woman, watch me flash

I love this story. I love these women.
This is a great idea - how big were there bazooms? The paper could have printed their bra size, just to give us a hint!!! Did the one with the bigger bazooms flash while the woman with the smaller ones did the actual robbing? So many questions remain unanswered...*sigh*

*zips back in*

AND of course this story would come from Ted! How's the mullet? Any new recent pics for us????

*zips out*

Policeman: "Could you describe her face?"

Victom: "She had a FACE?"

Mr. C, that was *snorkworthy* :)

"So how much did she take?"
"About $30. It's all I had."
"And she showed you her boobs?"
"Yeah. That usually costs $50!"
"High five!"

"Just to clarify - the Crime Stoppers hotline number is: (713) 222-TIPS. That's "TIPS" with a "P." Apparently we've had some complaints."

Ted, a victim? He WISHES.

Oh, HI, Ted!


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