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December 26, 2005


...things are getting kinky.


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That's just wrong... What's next, dogs and cats living together??? ...Apocalyptic, I'd say....

Trout attended Hooks High School? That was very brave of him.

Lotta baseball vernacular in that article ... ya almost gotta have bin dere ...

Third Base?

I dunno ...

Oh, yeah ... he talks of "the two hole, or the seven- or eight- ..."

It should be noted, for those unfamiliar with certain sports terms; while baseball has a larger number of holes (nine, more or less) which may be referenced from time to time, hockey usually has only five that really have any significance ...

oh fooey. i thought it was gonna be about fish.

Shortstop or third base?
Shortstop or third base?
Shortstop or third base?
Shortstop or third base?

If you want to do that's best for the team, Mr. Trout, play where they tell you too and SHUT UP before you find a hook in your mouth - sheesh!!!

Shortstop = I don't care
Third Base = I don't know

so ...

I dunno
I don't care
I dunno
I don't care
I dunno
I don't care
I dunno
I don't care

(Jimmy crack corn, and I don't care ... Jimmy crack corn, and I don't care ... My true love's gone away ...)

And this is news why?

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