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December 28, 2005


Boog is taking care of business, and surrounding himself with good people.


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Dada Dada Dada Dada

repeat as needed to perform art

Boog Highberger for President in 2008--"At least when HE behaves nonsensically, it's because he's TRYING to do that!"

Ivory...beat me to it:)
Welcome back.

I'm totally wearing one of those for New Year's Eve.


Okay. Partially.

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas any more ...

"We come from France!"

Lucid tentacles test 'n sleeved
'n joined 'n jointed jade pointed
Diamond back patterns
Neon meate dream of a octafish
Artifact on rose petals
'n flesh petals 'n pots
Fack 'n feast 'n tubes tubs bulbs
In jest incest injest injust in feast incest
'n specks 'n speckled speckled
Speckled speculation
Fedlocks waddlin' feast
Archaic faces frenzy
Ceramic fists artificial deceased
'n cists rancid buds burst
Dank drum 'n dung dust
Meate rose 'n hairs
Meaty meate rose 'n hairs
Meaty dream wet meate
Limp damp rows
Peeled 'n felt fields 'n belts
Impaled on 'n daeman
Mucus mules
Twot trot tra la tra la
Tra la tra la tra la
Whale bone fields 'n belts
Whale bone farmhouse
Cavorts girdled 'n latters uh lite
Cavorts girdled 'n latters uh lite
Uh dipped amidst
Squirmin' serum 'n semen 'n syrup 'n semen
'n serum
Stirrupped in syrup
Neon meate dream of a octafish

Mud, that's just a bunch of dada. ;)

You are amazing.

all your boog are belong to us

all your boogers, too!

So ... just occurred to me ... if "booger" is the pretense pluperfect subjunctive of "boog" ... then in what case (besides "mental" that is ...) would would we find "Boogie" ...?

Just wonderin' ...

Back in the 70's

... or ... would it be apropos to consider the mayor as the "Booger" and the rest of his constituency as the "Boogees" ... ? Just wonderin' ...

Now, if the mayor's name were to be High Berbooger or Berg Highbooger or Herr Boogerbigh or Bigh Herboog or Herb Bergooer, this story might not have turned out to be just so much DaDa CaCa.


No Berg Bigbooger?


I meant Herg Bigbooger ... nothin' like missing spell-check to ruin a post ... unlessen it were roont already ...

Her Biggoober?

I live in Lawrence and am happy to have this man in charge of things around here.

Boog Highberger for God-Emperor 2008!

Did Dave Barry once right a poem about spell check?
I used to use it in my Englich class and can't seam to be a ball to find it.
peas and tanks

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