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December 07, 2005


Hey Walter,
It’s COLD here! Can I visit you and hang out on your patio? I can’t stand this weather another second. HELP! You can see from the picture that my bag is packed—I’m ready to go. Are there female walruses in Florida? Write soon!

(Via Sandy Beach)


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OMG that is scary!!!

Yet hilarious!

OK, shouldn't the bag an a walrus penis be located a little lower?


Hey guys this is a new millenium it is a beautifu thing when two walrus penis bones get together.

"Are there female walruses in Florida?"
...must...resist..temptation to make fat jokes....aarrrgh...Santa is watching....Santa is watching...

I still want to know why neither of these guys are named "Dick".

Hehe...I don't believe in Santa, so he has no power over me. :)

What - Peter isn't a blatant enough name for you?

If he's that big when he's cold, what happens when he warms up? I think then you'd have to call him any thing he told you to call him.

Where's the knee?

The eyes seem to follow you. Eeek!

Bumble, are you ok? Maybe you need to lie down for a while.

Okay, I'll admit it. My brain didn't translate "Pete" into "Peter" until Brainy Jello pointed it out. I have sullied the principles that keep this blog going. I shall now hang my head in shame.

Oooo...something shiny! :)

strangely adorable = P

Annie~ What? Is that just me? I'll go lie down.

Nobody - Don't be ashamed - finding obscure ways to make crude and suggestive jokes is a team effort around here.

Earwig Alert: Papa Can You Hear Me?

Walter, can you hear us?
Walter, can you see us?
Walter, can you find us in the night?

Walter, are you near us?
Walter, can you hear us?
Walter, how can we look and not be frightened?

Looking at the blogs we always see
A million posts which ones are yours?
Where are you now that yesterday's posts
Have all been archived
(Some were a bore....)

The posts are so much darker;
The humor seems much bolder;
An oosik seems so much bigger now
Whenever I'm alone.....

Walter, please forgive us.
Try to understand us;
Walter, don’t you see we had no choice?

Can you hear us snorking?
Nothing good I'm writing,
Even though the blog is filled with puns?

We remember all the jokes you taught us
Every comic book we've ever read...
But can all the words in all the books
Help us to face another oosik standing there?

Your trunk seems so much taller
And I feel so much smaller;
The posts seem twice as lonely
When we make no comments, only...

Walter, how we love you...
Walter, how we need you.
Walter, how we miss you
Wishing us good night...

Dave, that's just sick.
Walrus Penis Bone?
Well at least a couple of them can get together:
United Walrus Penis Bones WBAGNFARB.


Bumble - sorry - when you said the eyes seem to follow you, I thought you were talking about them following ME. I get it now. Insanity is a group effort.


I aggree, Insanity and perversion ARE best when participated in by a group.
Because i'm pretty insane, but with a little help i can be REALLY insane.
So here goes.
Why exactly is this penis bone named?
Is it the most special penis bone ever?
How come there are two?
Is naming penis bones becoming a regular phenomenon?
If so then why have i heard of it just now?
The more i think about it, the more confused i am.
I think that the 2 bones should go join the handsome boy modeling school.
But that's just my opinion.

Thank you.

p-joe - on an earlier post, some of the boy bloggers revealed that they, too, named their privates. Hilarity ensued.
p-s - growing up on a farm, I soon discovered that if you named a pet, it was less likely to go to the slaughterhouse.

Annie - I believe the same goes for pen!ses.

I never named my wang.
I just refer to it in the abstract.
I find that much more entertaining.
I've come up with a lot of euphamisms.
Too many to list. So I won't.
And i hope my penis never goes to the slaughterhouse.
Sincerely, I hope that never happens.

Way to go, Sandy!

I believe many of the boy bloggers agree with you - hence the proliferation of nicknames.

Hey! Dave could have taken Walter up to the mountains near Vegas and put him in the snow, and......


Eeek! I was actually werking (twitch) and hadn't checked the blog for a few hours. Yay! Pete got posted! He is thrilled.

Well sandy, you can tell that there was no "shrinkage" effect due to the cold weather! :)

*high fives Sandy on her accomplishment*

*high fives sly back*

Thank you! And Pete thanks you!

PERSONALLY, I think a calendar with Walter and Pete, would make a wonderful calendar for 2006 in all kinds of holiday season outfits. That's a picture I would enjoy seeing on my month of December. Just think how cute Pete or Walter would look posing with pumpkins...or a valentine...(maybe there are some in the archives that I missed.) Come on Dave, make us a calendar..you can put your comments on each month.

Now, what does a Walrus vagina look like? Do we need a Walrus vagina monologue? I mean...how COULD we be so cruel, so forgetful...poor things...look what they go through!
Oh...great stuff PB.

It's just a little bit scary when "walrus-penis bone" shows up twice in a blog's subject...

Uh, P.B., I tried your link, and it gave me some kind of spyware info, which in turn froze everything, and, in addition, made me lose all the comments I had already posted. And they were really, really, funny, too. :) (loved your song anyway.)

I'll try to remember some of my earlier commments. Dang. Ain't happening.

Oh, yeah. "Hilarity ensues." I love that!

Why is it that you never see PirateBoy and Walter at the same time? Could it be a case of hidden identity?
"See the blog how big it's grown, and friends it hasn't been too long since....it wasn't big..."

YEA SANDY!!! You make his hat?

"Sanity Clause? Haha...You can't fool me, there's no such thing as Sanity Clause" == Chico Marx

yeah, a dave barry calendar, with walter as cover boy!! sign me up.

Okay this has just got to stop. Penis bone? A walrus can't have a bone in his penis. Walrus's (walri) crawl up on rocks and sleep in the sun now if dudes got a bone in his penis its always going to be in the "angry" state. Now buddy crawls up on a rock in that condition he is just gona get scraped. Who would do that? Florida Walruses not at the salad bar.

JEFF yes they can have a bone in their penis... they are however conveniently retracted into the body cavity when they are not in use. Besides who would like to "make love in the rocks"?

This Alaska Department of Fish and Game Ooki
is sending a big hug to yours

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