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December 21, 2005


The world's largest inflatable Santa is in... Portugal? PORTUGAL?


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When we're outsourcing our inflatable Santa market to third-world inflatable Santa cartels, you know the terrorists have won.

well, any country that has 12 tonnes of chocolate to waste on a crib scene obviously has the resources to make the worlds largest inflatable doll um er ah Santa Claus.

how much is a "tonnes" in kilometers anyway?

Rick - A "tonne" is approximately 3 centipedes longitude.

Its a sad day for American greatness when we are no longer number one in tacky enormous lawn display.

We'd better send Christobol over there quick!

Fed, thanks for clearing that up!

Fed-- To further clarify, 1 centipede=10 millivanillis. Remember, the metRx system is based on 10, ergo the decade.

I never did understand that metric stuff. Thanks, guys!

"Last month Oporto hosted the world's largest chocolate crib which was made from 12 tonnes of chocolate."

"Next on MTV Cribs: Oporto's New Bling: Snakeskin."

Nevermind. Got Nuthin.

You know in the spirit of Christmas and goodwill, I say, let Portugal have the biggest inflatable Santa.

We are a big country and have been shouldering the world tacky quota for too long. I am glad to see another country so willing to step up to the plate and say, "We are tacky, too."

Chocolate Crib sounds like a 70's blacksploitation movie ...

The previous comment was meant in no way to mock a country that has over 26,000 pounds of chocolate to share:)

Hmmmm? "Father Christmas?" That's one big daddy...

Let's hope nobody tries to "nick" him.

Anything that helps reduce our ginormous inflatable Santa trade deficit is a good thing, I say.

'Course, I'm still gonna down a sixpack and go shoot the thing. I am what I do.

You are tacky too!
you got all your sisters witchoo
You are tacky too!
Get up ev'rybody and roo-roo!

Ev'ryone can see we are western
And we are deep-fried
(Pie!) and we call for pizza delivery
I won't tell no lie
(Lawn!) all of us just want to decorate
with things that we inflate
Just let me state for the record
We're decorating in a Santa groove

At what point in time did "Christmas" come to mean "let's go inflate something"?

And our "strong executive branch" of the government does nothing! With all the surveillance going on, how could the NSA have missed this?? I demand accountability!

slyeyes - I think you're blowing this all out of proportion.

AT last!! The answer to global warming!! When the ice storm comes to send us into another ice age all we have to do is inflate giant Santas, put them in the right places all over the world, and FLOAT the earth closer to the sun!! I KNEW there was a higher purpose for these things!

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