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December 26, 2005


...for you are the Ferret Capital.

Key Quote: "Remember the movie Along Came Polly?" asked Seidewand, referring to the movie that featured a ferret. "When it came out, we couldn't keep a ferret in stock. But then we'd go weeks without selling one."


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I think the key quote is "a small group of people making a very large noise..." Well, all I could think of was a catchy reference to a small group such as we bloggers but it has escaped me at the moment. Too much Christmas beer, er...CHEER! Yeah, that's it! Belated Happy Ho Ho to all & Thanks for the laughs!

Dread ~ the reference may have escaped you, but I believe you described us well! Cheers!

IHDP & y'all ...

I wuz gonna ask if P.E.T.F. knewed about this, but that quote you cite sorta answers that ...

One of my daughter's families has ferrets ... she said (only yesterday) that both Bob and Gabby (both females, BTW) (I dunno ...) were naughty this year, and so they did not receive any Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/Winter Solstice/St. Stephen's Day/Boxing Day/et cetera type of gifts ...

It did not appear to bother the ferrets ... they continued with their regular life-style ... eating, sleeping, running around ...

HEY! Where can I get a job like that?

"Marshall's products now range from food to fashion hats and clothes ..."

So Dave, if Sophie stops letting you gangster her doll wardrobe, maybe Walter could check out this clothing line.

"They piled up on top of each other. They loved it."

I mean, who doesn't???

That's a great marketing slogan:

"Marshall - nation's largest seller of furry critters that are cousins to weasels."

"Hunters once used ferrets to help them get rabbits"

can you get them to go after squirrels and other annoying rodents e.g. the fella who ALWAYS plays music at eardrum-busting levels just before midnight and stays two stories above my unit?

Just asking.

Happy belated Christmas!

Ah, those wacky cousins of mine...

LOL, Weasel! :)

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