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December 30, 2005


This happens to us all the time.

(Thanks to Paul Brannigan)


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Simply an awful story with a horrible ending!!! Sheesh!

I AM! I AM! I AM!!

And I read the article FIRST too.

Oooh, it's been such a long time. I feel reborn!

*takes a bow*

Methinks he was shot in an an important part of the brain. But not the most important part, since he did leave a note for his boss.

... um ...

Tamara Rw/C did you read my comment on the 24 post before commenting here? I said "Methinks" over there and now you say it over here. . . great minds, etc.

People this is the creepiest thing I have heard of.
Usually when a person is shot in the head they are supposed to die, Right?
I am officially creeped out.

Good bye,

No Name Rock Band

I needed to read that like I needed a hole in my head.

Imagine the girl friend, she's shot the guy and she's working on packing up to get out of the house when she hear's, "Honey, I think my heads bleeding, can you come look at it?"

~Cue creepy music~

Morning of the Living Dead Part IIV

And, of course, it happened right here in Floriduh!

One has to wonder, did she use a silencer? And how close to him was she when she fired the gun? If he was already asleep, and it was at close range, how did she mess that up?

Of course, this is based on the likelihood that she did it.

Sarcasmo -- I guess I just can't get you outta my head, baby. ;)

MKJ - did you check? Maybe you already have one and you just don't realize it.

memo: to get some guys' attention you have to aim at that other 'head'

So, Insom, are you saying that in about a week, this guy'll probably be walking back into the ER? "Well, Doc, guess what ELSE I didn't notice..."

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING INFO IS NOT FUNNY, but I think it might fit in with this thread ...

Several years ago in a town near to where I once lived, there was a female person who (apparently) was quite depressed about her lot in life.

She attempted suicide.

By shooting herself in the head.

She missed.



Yes, she was blonde, and yes, there were numerous "blonde" jokes around the community afterwards ...

End of not-funny item.


I disagree! That was Very funny.

I love the black humor and it doesnt get much blacker than that.

Well, yeah, but I posted the disclaimer 'cuz I din't wanna offend whomever mighta been offended by seeming to be verging on hilarity at another's misfortunes ...

Yes, it was really pretty much black humor ... of the whistling past the graveyard sort ...

In all seriousness (!?) I gotta say that it's depressing in and of its ownself to think that someone else can be so emotionally and psychologically low on their ownselfs to feel they hasta resort to self-destruction ...

just sayin' ...

But the jokes were sorta funny, too ... I don't remember any of them, but they took an obvious "blonde" direction ...

I think this may qualify as a U.D.I., which is an unidentified drunken injury. Sure to take the top spot at next year's U-DEE awards ceremony. Chris Rock can host.

This is too much like a Twilight Zone episode.

OMG!!! I worked in an urgent care facility years ago and this lady walks in and says she has a headache!! She had a hole in the middle of her forehead. She had no idea how it got there either, but you could smell the alcohol from across the room.

I like how it says he's in "Stable" condition.

If it had been me, and someone I was living with... I'd be a heck of a lot less than stable at that point.


Hey! I have a brother who lives in Port Orange! I haven't talked to him in a few days... Oh, but his name isn't Glen Thomas Betterley, and he's a few years younger than 53.

he very likely knew what had happend. But it was so surreal that he didn't believe it.
I was once playing hide and go seek when my friends grandmother thought I was an attacking communist. I was trying to sneak up on the grass when she cam running out and shot all around me. My friends dad quickly took away the gun and told me we where going to the hospital. I didn't believe anything had happend. He told me to look down. 3 gunshot wounds to the stomach. I passed out from shock. It was so unreal to this day I don't know if it actually happend. Just woke up the next morning in my room with bandages.
So maybe the guy just couldn't tell if it actually happend. If you had those memories would you believe it?

....he asked his girlfriend if she had struck him. Emma Lorene Larsen, 65, said no.

Well, she didn't lie, did she.

And didn't that happen in I Love You To Death?

Alfred -- wow!

Noob - you're asking an awful lot of questions. Got a research paper coming up on this or do you have plans for someone? ;)

Alfred - I believe you. Many Civil War soldiers had to pat themselves down to find their wound since they couldn't feel it. If an arm or leg was hit, they'd survive as an amputee, but gutshot, they hadn't a chance.

Sorry to be such a threadkiller...

I'm just wondering how long this guy was sleeping between the time his wife shot him and when he finally woke up and realized his head was bleeding. I mean, don't people that get shot in the forehead usually bleed pretty substantially?? How did this guy not bleed to death in his sleep?

Wavey - something tells me he has a really thick skull...and not too much blood flowing to the brain anyway.

Blood is usually found within muscles and arteries. Its what keeps the muscles acitive. The brain does not have a lot of blood going to it. Yes there are a couple muscles so there for blood but really its nothing compared to something like a shoulder where a main valve can be found. If there was a lot of blood knicking your self while shaving would be the most disastrous thing in the world.
of course I am not a doctor -nor have I played one on TV- so I would ask that a medical type should add a better opinion on the matter.

Annie- I am so happy that medical technology has beaten combat technology.

Annie -

My Great Grandfather was @ Vicksburg (with Grant, sorry y'all) and years after the War was over, they were looking @ his uniform (33rd Illinois Volunteers) and they found two bullet holes ... front & back or side to side, I dunno ... thing was ... he had never been wounded during his time of service ...

OK, I am not making this up, but that's as much of the story as I ever heard ... so I dunno about details, corroboration, whatever ...

I know he survived (unwounded), and got married, and I'm here ... that's deep enuf fer me ... fer today ...

Alfred, that's a bit inaccurate.

The brain has a HUGE number of blood vessels. They surround and penetrate the brain and can be found in every cubic centimeter of brain tissue. This means that any bullet that gets into the brain tissue itself is going to pierce dozens of blood vessels, causing massive bleeding and death.

However, it's possible for a low-velocity bullet (a .22, for instance) to only pierce a small distance into the brain and to miss any major vessels. It's also possible for a bullet to pass through the space between the hemispheres - this will cause long-term damage but may in very rare cases be survivable.

The brain uses more of the nutrients in the blood than any other organ. It uses 1/4 of the oxygen and nearly half the glucose.

ACKshully, medicinally and ballistically speaking ... a .22 will be more likely to do serious (terminal) damage inside the skull than a larger caliber might (this is very iffy, however ... do not try this at home) ...

the smaller and less powerful projectile has enuf punch to break thru one side of the skull (usually -- there are examples of "glancing" shots that travel under the skin, around the outside of the skull, and exiting on the other side ...

so that the bullet gets inside the skull and then ricochets around inside like a pinball ... causing LOTS of damage on the way ... which, in case you wondered, is NOT GOOD ... (do not try this at home)

As to blood vessels and such ... whut I recall from P&C, Anatomy and Physiology classes: Scalp wounds bleed a lot ...

U.O. - cool story about your great granddad. Maybe he lost a lot of weight on his campaign, and the bullet passed through the baggy part of his shirt. Either that or it was laundry day (don't think so!). I knew you'd be weighing in on this post.

What I find truly illuminating is this:
-shoot a guy in the head, he barely notices
-take a visit from Lorena Bobbitt, he's screaming bloody murder


But you guys, your missing the really important thing, he wrote the boss a note and left work. He did NOT give appropriate 24 hour notice in triplicate before leaving. I'll bet there is a repremand in his future, what do you want to bet?

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