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December 22, 2005


King Kong is missing.


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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you . . . KONG!
. . .oh, uh, neve rmind . . .

Yeah I live in Springfield, and I can assure you some crazy stuff happens in the Bible Belt! There's a Pineapple Whip open in the summer, and the mechanical hula girl that swishes her grass skirt gets stolen most every year too.

Amusingly, when I went to read the story the banner ad at the top was one of the 'chimp' ones for career builder dot com.

This pic looks as if they propped him up after he fell off the Empire State Building . . .

Hey! I can hide one of those blondes for ya!

Mahatma, where you been so long?

Where does a 200lb gorrilla sit? Pretty much anywhere you put him.

pogo: new job's been keeping me really busy. Not such a new job now so I might be able to stop by from time to time . . .

MKJ! Nice to see(?) you again.

It's not easy to get blondes to play hide the banana . . .
**slinks off to middle-school humor corner**

MKJ - Nonsense. All ya need is beer. Sometimes cash or diamonds.

Welcom back MKJ - some one was asking for you earlier.

Plus, you beat me to the punch on the blondes/bananas joke.

Well, he shouldn't be to hard to find...

correction: "too hard"

Bumble, while you're at it, can you add an e to that welcom in my last post?

Thanks doll.

Being old enough to be Bumble's father (maybe grandfather) I shall refrain from cheap remarks about her last comment.

MKJ! It is good to see you posting again. I’ve missed your witty repartee.

My bet is he has a Santa hat on his head and is in someone's yard amongst the tacky inflatables.

those kids were all hyped up from playing that "Grand Theft :Anthropoid" game!

Wait only 200 pounds. This is a light weight in the giant ape games. I mean I could take him. Did all the other kongs make fun of him.
"And this is tiny."

I have it on good authority that Kong was secretly brought in as a mediator in the NYC transit strike, where he successfully lent his persuasive powers to achieve the needed breakthrough. Apparently, Kong has some lingering guilt feelings about the subway cars that he once lifted from the elevated tracks and shook in an effort to dislodge tasty morsels for consumption, and was saddened by the news that they were not in operation.

Rumor has it that, following a celebratory brunch with Godzilla at Tavern on the Green (bananas foster, poached pterodactyl eggs from the Museum of Natural History, and some Chandon 2002) and a brief stop at Kong Island to retrieve some favorite mp3 files, he will be heading for the Middle East to initiate high level diplomatic talks aimed at cessation of hostilities in the region.

Asked by local reporters for a statement, he replied crytically that he wished a fond welcome back to the one and only MKJ.

PS.....no wait, just p.

As in cryptically.

Glad to be back Bluie . . .

Er, uh I mean Bluie . . . (must be rusty on this blog thingie . . .)

What's a little rust between friends?

And....Hal Dickens?

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