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December 28, 2005


This story reminds us of a Lassie episode, except for the part about the biting.


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What tyre and tubes are appropriate in such a case?

"by the sounds of it and he's been bitten on the lower leg either by a tiger or brown snake," he said."

Oh, make up your mind, a tiger bite sounds a LOT differnt than a brown snake bite.

...he's been bitten on the lower leg either by a tiger or brown snake
I realize that in a crisis like falling off your bike you may become a little confused but surely you can tell, by certain subtle clues, if you landed on a tiger or a snake.

(Yes, I realize they mean a tiger snake, but that's not what it looks like.)

I still don't understand about the appropriate tyre and tubes, though.

"Quick, he's been punctured by something, either a tiger or a brown snake. Change his tyre!"

If ever you needed proof that cycling is bad for you...

My WAG is that the "tyre and tubes" somehow might be 'Strine for tourniquet ... or somethin' like that ...

... but now, if he's in stable condition, doesn't he hafta watch out for the horses and cows?

Fine, the cyclist will probably be OK. But what about the tiger/snake?

Did he fall off the bicycle because he was tyred (not tired)?

Sorry, bike puns come in cycles....

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Anyone can tell the snake TRIPPED the cyclist. Puh-lease!


That devilish snake.
Very likely though the tiger saw a free snack. The man would be dead if he landed on it. Most tigers way around 300 pounds and are used to high impact attacks.
So the Tiger saw it happen. Perhaps it forgot to write the proper witness reports. But its forgivable. No thumbs.

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