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December 28, 2005


Meat Bandit

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Nah....people would think they're the FIRST Meat Puppets tribute band.

HIde the meat! (No! Not THAT way!)

He's out on bail ...

Man...talk about a meat head!

There are an awful lot of meat stories today. Is the blog having a theme day?

... or is this a paean to the Atkins diet during this time of (over)consumption?

She claims to be a vegan, but we know all the vegans have already been taken to the top of Mt Pinatubo to be hurled into the flames to appease the... Wait. That's vegan. Silly me.

OK...wait a minute: The couple meets the guy in the bar; takes him home with them; is driving him to a motel; he pulls out a frozen roast; and they leave him and the roast at the roadside?

Was it originally THEIR roast? "You scurvy bastard...you can just walk home; and take our roast with you"

Or was it a pre-existing theft, and they were shocked to find that he was guilty of boosting a roast from some unidentified source: "After all we've been to each other at our home in the last several hours after meeting in the bar, now you tell us you stole a roast? we can't transport you under those circumstances."

Or did he, like, not offer to share it with them??? Or what?

(Note to self: when accepting rides from strangers or recent acquaintances, if carrying a frozen roast, do not reveal this information until you reach your destination.)

Was it originally THEIR roast? "You scurvy bastard...you can just walk home; and take our roast with you"


Great story, Dave/RussellMc; excellent comment, Betsy.

This guy might have LIKED getting a meatPod™ for Christmas!

Where was this dude keeping this frozen roast while riding with the folks who eventually recognized he was a *snork* "scurvy bastard"? And doesn't it make perfect sense for the judge to release a man who admits he has been washing down his anti-psychotic medication with alcohol?

Well, his escape vehicle WAS a golf cart. As for the roast, I'm sure he thought he heard someone tell him to "pick it up."

As all golfers know, you don't argue when offered a "gimmee".

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