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December 26, 2005


Boog Highberger for president.

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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So ... with a first name of Boog, my first question was, "Is his middle initial 'R' ...?"

"...because we need a little Dada/
right this very minute,
Kansas needs a little Da..Da.....NOW!!!!

Mayor Boog doesn't look much like Boog Powell, but no matter.

we need more guys in public life named "Boog"

U.O. I knew we could count on you!

Uh-oh ... Betsy ... um ... simulpost ... er ... um ... YAY!

Double uh-oh ... again!

UO...I trust the blog to make the important decisions. We may have posted at the same MINUTE, but minutes are such a crude measurement of time.
I graciously concede this first to you, and further thank you for putting the 'R' back in 'boog'er.

YAY back atcha!

Betsy ... as photographers are often wont to say ... "Shoot the moment ..."

A moment is somewhat shorter than a minute ... so ... we each had our moments ...

Double YAY!

mdkdi ksksk jdjfj jdjdu !

two things...

If I'm going to be picky, the measure of a moment is 90 seconds, so technically longer than a minute.

Also, my birthday falls in International Dada Month! I'll have to do something special this year to celebrate!

Dada sounds pretty caca to me. Although it is more meaningful and uplifting than the caca we hear from most politicians.

Kaf' --

I most respectfully beg to differ ... photographically speaking, at least, a "moment" can be as brief as 1/8,000th of a second ... depending on f-stops and lighting, of course ... and ASA/ISO ...

OTOH, your non-photo reference is on the money ...

I'm too literal for a photographic moment. You'd have to see photographs of me to understand why.

Wowser, Kaf' ... that's scary ... the fact that you're as camera-shy as I am, I mean ...

"Boog Highberger for man in bowler hat with an apple in front of his face."

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