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December 30, 2005


It's getting so a man can't even have a hobby.

(Thanks to many people)


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wouldn't that really piss you off?

Police Chief Bob Cox?

So...Was the urine his ? How many vein drains does it take to fill a Tide jug with pee ? And then to have several of those jugs around..excuse me, "in his truck"...

So ... was this guy on "micturitonal enhancement" medication?

urine-filled bottles ready for delivery

A collection of words I really hadn't thought about before.

I can think of two punishments for this guy...

Picture in all convenience stores:"No Big Gulps for this man."

Since he thinks of flinging bodily waste as an amusing pastime... weekends in the monkey cage at the zoo!

They wisked away the culprit amid much cheer, as this tide of crime ended, ushering in a new era of calm.

Do you s'pose they asked him for a urine sample? Did they tell him to pee in the bottle?

I have only one thing to say:


yuckie poo

poo poo!

I'm with southerngirl. *Snork*

I think I would rather receive a goats head for the holidays.

insomniac: still laughing about:

Picture in all convenience stores:"No Big Gulps for this man."

Maybe he was just stoned....KIDNEY-stoned.

If I could save pee in a bottle,
The first thing that I'd like to do,
Is to save every bit 'cause my sanity's taken a sh!t
And just throw them at you.

No comment. Not even a wee one.

Wow... 15 posts in one day. 13 yesterday. Does permanent semi-retirement mean that the blog will explode?

*Totally off topic*

Dave, Judi and South Florida Bloggers,

If you have nothing else planned for Saturday night, (I think it might be a holiday or something), my folks will be at Bayfront Park (they think) televising the live remote of the Florida Lottery drawing that may or may not make someone a millionaire in 2006.

It won't be them of course, since they can't play. But after 8 days of chaos and catastrophe that was our Christmas (involving not one, but two trips to the hospital) I've convinced them that meeting anyone from the Blog would make it up to me.

They're staying at the Intercontinental on Chopin Ave in either South Beach or Biscayne Bay - they're not sure, but if they look out the window they see a Ross Dress for Less.

Anywho, Mom is cool 'cause she works for FSU's Film School and helps students get rich and famous making the movies she never got rich and famous for making. Dad is cool because he *is* Dave, but without the motivation or drive to actually make any money at it, much less win a Pulitizer.

Come to think of it, I can't really think of any reason that anyone would want to come by and say hi, except that it would make me happy.

In that case, if you happen to find yourself stumbling down a street somewhere in South Florida on Saturday and see a big sign with a lot of lights advertising the Florida Lottery, go up and ask random people wearing headsets if they know Jacki from the Blog. If anyone says yes, chat them up and sign a piece of paper that I am sure they will promptly forget about. This way, years from now, my mom can remember to tell me that she once met you.

I really don't have a problem with this. Blood, blood, blood makes the grass grow. Urine has to make it flourish.....

Dang urine delivery boy threw mine in the gutter again.

I guess it's true what they say: you can't buy beer, you can only rent it.

I wonder if it's like Poland Springs ... does he come back and collect the empty bottles every month?

Most culprits get cool aliases... Shouldn't this guy be the Whiz Kid???

Thats his HOBBY?
Urine Throwing is no hobby!

I know for a fact it's gone pro, i hear it's gona be a trial sport in the next Olympics.
I believe Canada is generaly expected to win the 25 meter Urine Lob event.

Gee, I remember submitting this a few days ago under the heading UPeeS.

Stupe - if you wanted to get it there sooner, maybe you should have sent it 'Airborne.' Seemed to work for the pee-flinger.

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