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December 27, 2005


They have guns.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Often, I find myself perusing strange websites...

...And, after a few minutes, I blink, and I wonder, "How did I get here?"

"Oh, yes... Dave."

I think this site demostrates the Brits office productivity. No self respecting American could use the term "mauly"

i think these guys are scandinavian, judging from the office gunners' names... the long winters must get to them...

Bullshit Bingo. I love it!

(*snork* at Tamara!)

I gnu that!

Dang, another financial gold mine opportunity ... squandered, amongst the fun of shooting boring speakers with weapons gleaned from the office arsenal ...

(One wonders, however, how the game of "Bullsh!t Bingo" is actually scored ...)

bullshit bingo is a great game. then one day, i shot a moose.

ewe shot a moose?

My daughter shot a moose!

So did my father-in-law!

And, my cousin!


Small world, innit?


My sister got bit by a moose once. No, really!

Oops! My Python is showing...

She was carving her initials on the moose with the sharpened end of an interspace toothbrush given her by Svenge.

FYI, I googled the quote "My sister got bit by a moose once" and quite a few of the first links were to this blog. Good job, guys! Python never dies ...

btw, Nancy, I believe it is correctly rendered "A moose once bit my sister."

ahhhh, the holy grail.

cheers, sherbert

It's mighty quiet out here, podnuhs. Too quiet... Reckon them Injuns (feather type, tht is) is out there, one behind ever cactus, jist a-waitin' til we're settled down in our bedrolls.

Must all have the week off.

There persons are men after my own heart...

pogo, are you suggesting that we all hang out here when we're supposed to be working?

AS IF!! ;)

I've built one of those before: http://www.fanehenderson.com/comments.php?target=2&id=165

You wouldn't believe how powerful it was. It could puncture both sides of a popcan. You could kill someone with one if you wanted. Stupid anti-killing laws.

Sherbert - thanks for the correction. I tried the quote from memory, but next time I'll google it first.

I think it shows how smart they are. In my advance science class -we where hand picked to be the first students in it- we figured out how to properly build a motor using the techniques shown. They must have also been in some kind of advanced class and decided to try them out. I mean really either that or work the boss should be doing. :)

OK, some of us just throw rocks - sure it ain't as cool as some little home-made rubber band gun - but you can't beat the noise a nice-sized rock makes when it impacts the side of the boss' head - just sayin'


You're back! (Or, at least, you're connected to the net, from Nodak, or home ... whatever ...)

How was Christmas? Not much snow? I know that the farther east one goes, the more snow ... we've got prolly the most snow in town in our front yard ... which isn't very much ... Fargo area had plenty, tho ...

For a slightly dated free copy of Bullshit Bingo check out B.S. Bingo.

In order to win at my office, I had to add in the following words:

1. Basically

2. Programatically

3. Outside-the-scope

4. Tasked

5. To-Do List

6. Outsourced



TYV M, Dilbert ... however, I don't see "paradigm" on the current listing ... just sayin' ...

Actually the simplest way to prevent meetings and lectures is the card system used by figure skating judges. Every so often,let's say 5 minutes,you could yell out:
"Hoist cards."
Then the speaker would know the approval rating.
Or,there could be those electronic voting machines like they have in Congress. You could vote up or down on any speaker and they would be able to see how they are being received by colored lights.

Red or Blue? What if they mix the red, yellow, green light with them. So its, Red, Orange Brown or Purple green greenish-blue. Then what about the independent parties? What do they get? Or are they even counted in office politics.

Wyatt Walker is obviously an evil wizard, posting an incantation guaranteed to unleash all the demons of cyberhell. Go away, Wyatt.

U.O. - I think "paradigm" (actual proper pronunciation is PAR-uh-dim, not par-uh-DYM as usually heard in business meetings) has kinda wound down. I don't hear it as much as "environment" and "scenario", which are often equally incorrectly used.

Pogo, it's quiet here because we are all busily assembling our weapons and testing them. This has in turn resulted in some of us taking time out to nurse self-inflicted injuries due, in part, to our attempted use of inferior rubberbands purchased by a cheapskate boss (aka "Prime Target").

Pogo ...

Oh, I dunno ... I've heard paradigm fairly recently ... albeit, not in my own business, so it may have been a setup ...

I've also heard (not really very recently tho) the phrase "new paradigm" ... aaaaaaaaaacccccKKK!!!

Which reminds me ... do four pairs of nickels make two paradigms?

And, how about "ambiance" ... ? (mebbe only from a photographer, or art director, eh?)

rdfomp tnkc

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