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December 28, 2005


Wonder no more.

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr)

(Yes, this item is old. But in an urgent way.)


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So ... does this mean that everything stays "hard" for more than four hours?

Swarm cells are such trollops.

Ooooh! Simulpost! Wowser!

"However, one needs a microscope to see the fossil sex frozen in time because what Kar and co-workers have captured is between "swarm cells" that are smaller than the width of a human hair."

So how did they find it in the first place?

Maybe it would be more interesting if they used some of the tips from the bad sex post.

This only shows that scientists are pervos, getting their jollies from watching flagellas.

Copulation Stage?.... which one was that at Bonaroo?? Oh yeah, I think I saw Ratdog on that one....

Creation Science websites have a field day with this topic.

Basically, fossils are the wicked animals killed in the Flood a few thousand years ago. Man and dinosaur lived together peacefully around 2000 BC. Some dinosaurs are still extant. T.Rex was herbivore. Similar-looking fossils don't prove evolution, they prove varied creation (some extinct by flooding due to their wickedness).

There's nothing that Creationism can't explain. Enjoy a few if you like (but you won't find me there! ... one visit was more than enough for me):





This last one is the most fun. It explains that the Rockefellers own the Smithsonian and all other major museums, and are hiding from us the creationist truth proved by giant human fossils found with the giant dinosaurs (all 4000 years old).

Avon -

The main problem I have with groups such as those you mention is that their primary belief is that I don't possess any more intelligence than they do ...

Avon, that is why I choose to believe in "intelligent" design. It has nothing to do with those 'bend the facts to fit my scenario' types. There is nothing to indicate that an intelligent designer wouldn't just set the wheels in motion and sit back to watch what happens. Sometimes, I think humans were an unexpected byproduct of the whole experiment.

My kids do the same kind of thing all the time.

This "news" story sorta gives new meaning to the phrase "getting ones rocks off" ... don't it?

"It is the first time that sexual copulation has been discovered in a fossil state"

Does that include Florida?

Betsy - *snork* at fossil state. Good one!

"However, one needs a microscope to see the fossil sex"

Dead for 65 million years, and still having to put up with size jokes.

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