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December 20, 2005


The House on the Cliff

(Thanks to Blair Keel)


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Cool....a drive in cave!

Yay ~ FIRST!

Yay s-girl! Can I be second even though you posted twice?
I think I can!

Yay, second. But you know what Tiger Woods says about second place:
First Loser!

Anyhoo - to stay on topic, what I want to know is how these guys got caught - it sounds like it was a great plan...

Maybe they got caught because someone noticed all of these big extension cords coming out of a hole in the ground.

ArcticAl: I saw photos/footage of the outside on the local news the other night. You can't see the cave, just a large a-frame home. I guess the home was an excuse for the power lines running up there, as well as concealing and securing the entrance to the cave.

What I didn't get was why no one lived in the house. It sounds like that would have completed the ruse. No one living there is what made the authorities suspicious, appearantly.

/uselss fact/
Trousdale Co. is the smallest County in TN.
/end useless fact/

El - the house they built to cover up their operation was missing the requisite Tennessee coon-dog on the porch. Mighty suspicious, don't cha know.

...the men told locals they were going to be mining statuary rock.

Isn't that the genre type for the Grateful Dead's music?

Also, did anyone else get some interesting Google ads to the right of the story? The two I was shown were for:

1)Alchol and Substance abuse treatment, and

2)Hydroponic supplies.

They seemed to be targeting people reacting to the story in two ways: "Man, I gotta get off this stuff," or "Wow, what a great idea--I'm gonna' try that!"

Out here, the cops work with the electric company. If a house uses an excessive amount of electricity (for the lights), they consider it a possible pot-house.
With all the dang Christmas lights we have up, you can imagine how I know this. Our holiday traditions now include a visit first from the cops, then Santa. At least the cops use the front door.

Hmmmm...a house over a secret cave...

Where's Batman when you need him?

Duuude, Batman's makin' a run to the 7-11 for some munchies.

We've had a couple of court fights about the cops using infrared cameras from helicopters to find overly hot houses. Eventually sanity prevailed and it was ruled that it wasn't a violation of someone's privacy or rights to see if their house is 20 degrees hotter than eveyone else's house. They still need other info to get a warrant but it sure narrows down the field. In the Toronto area they bust about 200 grow houses a year and they figure they're getting about 5% to 10% of them.

in..."The Case of The Missing bong"...

You wouldn't want to live in a house above a grow op like that. The mould problem can be overwhelming. The house is often rendered unhabitable and has to be bulldozed.

Nashvillian - interesting on the ads. I checked back and saw 5 ads - 4 for hydroponics, etc, and one for MJ addiction.

15 million for bail???

Way off thread (but when did that ever stop me?), regarding growing plants, it reminded me that I had ordered some formerly growing things (roses, I think) to be delivered to My Bride (Remember Her?) before lunch today, since it's the Anniversary of our wedding day ...

I did NOT forget ... but boy am I glad the internet let me order late last night ...

Just thot mebbe I could impress some of the bloglits with my sense of romance and crapola like that ...


And I thot I was a thread-killer ...

And what was there about that post that brot out the robot thingy?

Oh ... I bet Ki!!er did it ...


Also, where is Ivory Bill when we need him?

tnx sg --

Yeah, where is IBW ...

IBW? Bueller? Anybuddy?

They could grow in 60 days what it would take four and a half months to grow outside

I need to talk to those guys. I've got an indoor tomato plant that is taking way-ay-ay too long to produce.

The thing that irks me a little is hiring workers from Arizona. And then driving to the Batty Cave to take care of raising the crop. "They would drive right into the cave and let them out to begin working," Thompson said." What happend to the workers?

This is the reason why Batman and the Hardy Boys never say where they actually live. Half the places they nearly die in could be used for far worse stuff later on. And then getting the butler to work after the cave is full of weed is next to impossible.

"You dust your own freaking penny!"

Well, since I have NO experience with this sort of thing.

seriously, stop laughing.

I can understand the bail amount. I figured roughly six growing seasons a year at 100 pounds per season yields a street value of roughly $30 million.

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